happy (creative) weekend!

I’m wishing you all a happy creative weekend. I’ll be here in-studio working away at some new posts for the blog next week, a give-away, and of course secret projects too. 😉

Here’s some of the stuff I’m working with…


Jason is home from his surgery, and obviously feeling better as he’s already made that oh-so-pleasant transformation from nice patient to cranky demanding patient. (just keeping it honest!) It’s ok – I know that means he’s on the mend. So now I’m off to the gym (what morning would be complete without sweat and pumped up music?!) to work on my fitness. Then it’s a full weekend of creating… when I’m not opening bottles and otherwise helping the 1 armed man, that is.

In the meantime – I’ve got a new article up at Scrapbook Update you might want to check out – about using camera as tool for the traditional scrapbooker: http://www.scrapbookupdate.com/2011/01/08/iscrapbook-iphone-as-a-traditional-scrapbookers-tool/

10 thoughts on “happy (creative) weekend!”

  1. Happy that Jason’s surgery went well. Have fun creating all weekend. I am working on photos this weekend. Quick cropping and then emailed to be printed. I also have some heritage photos that I am working on. I want to get them into a book and copies for my sister and brother. Have an inspired weekend.

  2. Glad to hear Jason is safe out of surgery. And I love the idea of molding paste. I think I used that years ago in high school and it was fab! 😀

  3. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Can’t wait to see what you are working on for next week. Always love how you inspire us. I need to remember to sign up for the retreat this week. Glad your guy is on the mend. I know what you mean about the healing time as I have gone through that myself several times. About 10 years ago, I told him to “Snap out of it!” and he still reminds me of that from time to time as it turned out he really was having a problem. It is something we laugh about now and he will give back to me when I need it!

  4. Happy Creative Weekend to you too.
    Gald to hear that Jason’s surgery went well & on the patient deal…I can relate lol.

  5. Can’t wait to see what you come up with from the goodies. I hope your patient doesn’t get too cranky lol.

  6. MMm the moulding paste looks interesting cant wait to see what you do with that.
    Glad the surgery went well and that everything is ok.
    I am itching to do some LO’s but my craft room now has everything uspide waiting for my DH to put together my units.
    Linda in Aus

  7. Glad to hear the surgery went well and your patient is on the mend ;o)

    Have a great creative weekend can’t wait to see what you’re using all those goodies for.

  8. Happy to hear that your husband’s surgery went well. Glad to see all the mediums that you are working with. Are you going to teach us what is what in your Big Pict. class? I get to the store, and they all look the same…help!

    I copied the mixed medium picture Christy Tomlinson did for Scarlet Lime December’s kit, and fell in love with the whole process!

    Looking forward to your class 🙂 Blessings

  9. Great news about Jason’s surgery … let’s hope he makes a full recovery soon

    That stuff in the pic looks like fun!

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