2 minute portraits:

I’m not a photographer, I don’t know squat about settings and what an f stop is or what ISO means or… you get the point. I have yet to learn. What I am, is more a “point and shoot” photo journalist. I use my camera to capture snippets. To help tell my stories and capture memories and good times.

One of my favorite things to do is to throw up a sheet (or blanket) that is a solid color – or just use a wall. Someplace that is getting strong indirect light. Then ask your subject to look at camera, look away, smile, talk to them… whatever! Just keep snapping. Move. Zoom in/out. Snap. snap. snap.

Results? I snapped 30-40 pictures of each girl (thanks to my D60 it was FAST. About 1-2 minutes for each kid) and thanked them, and sent them on their way with candy canes. After uploading I found 3-4 from each girl that are nice – and so now I’ve got a random 1/4/2011 portrait of each girl. Lovely!

The pictures aren’t perfect… and to me that’s what makes them all the more perfect. Just a paused moment during a morning play session…

7 thoughts on “2 minute portraits:”

  1. The way I see it is that you could not get much closer to perfect when you have such beautiful girls. Thanks for the tip. Now I just have to remember it when my grandchildren are around.
    Any tip for photographing an uncooperative puppy?

  2. Great shots. I’ve found that some photos look better with bit of blur and others have to be crystal clear sharp. It all depends on the mood and the lighting. 🙂

  3. Absolutely!!

    Set puppy (this works for kids too) up with a treat, toy, or other item that will keep them still for a few minutes. Then just be ok with whatever it is being in photo. Another thing I do is to offer/hold a treat in my hand.


  4. your girls are adorable! I am the same type of picture taker as you!!! The imperfect pitures of my grandsons are what make me love them!

  5. Fabulous! Your girls are beautiful. I’m going to start using “point and shoot photo journalist” to describe my photography- your description is perfect.

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