for the love of snapshots.

I love the holiday season, and I love all the gatherings and fun… but this weekend I’m really looking forward to some quiet time!! Some catch up on ordering photos, create a bit, and be productive time. I’ve already started – here’s some photos (and thoughts) as I edit/sort/delete/and order holiday prints…

I can’t quite bring myself to delete this one. It reminds me of a swirling transition in an old superhero movie/show or something. Then there is my FAVORITE photo:

Girls in their holiday socks + new skirts + unbrushed hair… holding our elf on the shelf (it’s ok to hug him on Christmas I said) and the slightly messy remnants of Christmas morning behind them. Such a unplanned (and un-cropped) moment and I love it. Much like I love this photo…

I have such a thing for imperfect family photos. When not everyone is smiling or somebody looks goofy or something is wrong or not cropped well or whatever – I LOVE IT!!  It screams “real” to me and reminds me of the pre-digital era when we didn’t know what photos had turned out until the film was developed.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with some editing tips that I use a lot – and watch for more information about my upcoming BPS class and a give-away this weekend!!

7 thoughts on “for the love of snapshots.”

  1. Lol…the swirl was from the beginning of Ultraman! 🙂 I watched that alllll the time as a kid on the Wee Willy Weber Show that came out of Philly.

  2. Love the family shot. The way your eldest is holding her head just like the lady who is holding her – and they look so alike she has to be a relative??

    ** Kate **

  3. I love your photos! My family gets all weird when I am snapping candid shots which I have come to love more than anything. “She doesn’t want you to look at her and smile” is the reminder my mom gives people LOL!

  4. I love your imperfect pictures!! My favorite imperfect pics are of my grandsons just playing or eating and being who they are …not posed. I enjoy your blog so much. You are what i like to call”real”.. LOL

  5. Happy New Year May!
    Just signed up for your Feb. class-can’t wait 😉 Am just getting into the acrylics and wonderful artwork of Kelly Rae. Was inspired by your last few creations 😉

  6. Love your swirly photo! I was at a carousel auction once, in a tent in NYC. I took a photo of the carousel horses all lined up; it was way blurry but the horse shapes and bright colours against that intense blue tent have kept it at the top of my very favourite photos, ever. I even had a 10×12 enlargement of it made (way before digital/printing photos at home) – I’m sure the guy at the photo place thought I was nuts, LOL.

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