10 projects for Christmas: Configurations

I have been SO excited to get my hands on and play with some of Tim’s Configurations boxes. Here’s my first attempt…

I’m not entirely sure I am finished with this project, but dang it was a blast.


  1. Don’t have to use all the boxes. I took some out (and will show you what I did with those some other time)
  2. Have a better plan than I did! While I love this – my “put the base together then fill in with stuff that fits” was HARD. I would have been better off making a pile of items/things I wished to use FIRST, then decide the configuration.
  3. Go slow. I worked on bits and pieces, then walked. This was fun plus I never got tired of it.
  4. Pull it apart and you can easily get 2 or more projects from the one set!

Most of all though, ENJOY…

Here’s a link to the configurations box I used: http://store.scrapbook.com/ch-th92883.html

2 thoughts on “10 projects for Christmas: Configurations”

  1. These look like so much fun to play with I’m hoping to order some soon. Thanks for sharing your great ideas May!

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