Quick! {Gift Card decor}

A hypothetical situation, of course. I’d never really do this. Except I did. Last week. I’m not even that ashamed. Here’s the situation:

That giftcard you bought weeks ago for your sister in law? It’s going to be gifted in 5 minutes. You can’t get to your gift bags (because they’re buried in scary closet), and you don’t have any non-Christmas paper out. WHAT.DO.YOU.DO?! You could give it to her plain (and look lame + unprepared) or you could quickly take it from lame to rockin’ with the help of some craft supplies…

Using envelope it came in (or you could fold a piece of cardstock quickly to make your own) wrap a piece of ribbon around the middle so it ‘seals’ the OPEN sides. Use piece of double sided tape (I love Crafty Power Tape by Scrapbook Adhesives 3L) on front to secure where ends meet.

Then: QUICK! Throw down some jewels and rhinestones. Slap a thin layer of Rock Candy Distress crackle paint and help it to dry quick with a heat tool. Rub with green ink all over to accentuate those crackles.

Mission: Accomplished. Note: I used liquid adhesive to secure my jewels as my husband was taking this to be delivered. If to be delivered immediately SKIP the liquid adhesive.

10 thoughts on “Quick! {Gift Card decor}”

  1. Love what you did with this. I obviously have to invest in some Rock Candy Distress crackle paint

  2. I’m putting this in a strange spot…I wanted you to know that i made the pulled beef and it was INCREDIBLE! Followed the directions for the gravy and it was so good. Thanks!!! Q

  3. Awesome!! I’d just panic, and throw it in an envelope. Now I’ll try to remeber to say what would May do.

  4. Fabulous! I’m going to try this tonight. So glad I checked out your link from TH’s blog. I love your style.

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