my accoutrements necklace

Tim Holtz buttons rule. {as do all products he creates!!}

They’re a tad expensive compared to most of the buttons in my stash, but it’s worth it. They’re not normal boring buttons, instead each is very special and wonderfully made. Oh, and I need LOADS more of them… oh man. So last weekend at Scrapbook Territory I was overwhelmed with new Tim product I’d yet to see… and I HAD to buy the new accoutrements (buttons). HAD TO. When I got home I kept on wishing I could, like, wear them.

Well DUH, of course I can! I grabbed some jump rings + charm clips and made myself a necklace. Compared to how much this would cost at the mall it was a deal!! {and very quick & easy to make}

Then I realized that some of his other products could easily be added to a necklace. Like the facets, or some of the metal charms…

I love that all I had to do was add stuff with jump rings. NO jewelry know-how or experience required!!! Simply hook one side to another, and that’s it!

I can’t wait to try out my new necklace. Best part? If I get tired of it I can just take it apart! I can re-use the pieces in other jewelry or in my craft projects as I like. I can also add and move stuff around as I please.

Links to stuff used:

glorious new accoutrements:


Metal charms:

Charm Clips: 

hmmm…. I don’t have these baubles (yet)… but now I’m thinking I’ll have to order some ASAP!!

15 thoughts on “my accoutrements necklace”

  1. I love these buttons simply because some of them look like antique door knobs! Tim is beyond creative and obviously inspired you with the chunky necklace here. Awesomeness!

  2. May – I’ve done it the other way taken apart necklaces for scrapbook pages. If you shop the clearance rack or garage sales you can get some cheap embellishments

  3. Very pretty, May! Those baubles are gorgeous – I saw them up close this past weekend but didn’t succumb….yet.

  4. what a great project! you should teach this as a class. my mind is spinning with ideas! so, I have a couple questions-you just hook the charm clips together, and then add the jump rings where you want to add the buttons? in your link it looks like the pkg. includes three different finishes. is there enough of one finish to make a project, or did you combine them together? do you know if the cool Christmas buttons in the girls’ paperie line could be used too, or are they flat on the back? I was thinking of combining those with the TH ones to make a bracelet. thanks for putting up with all my questions! 🙂

  5. You are brilliant – amazing necklace – just thinking of all the possibilities! Looks like you and everyone else had a great festive time at Scrapbook Territory.

  6. I used the entire package. I think those without the shank (I think that’s what hole on back is called) would need different treatment.

    I’m intrigued- I will do some tests!


  7. I too would love to see a pic of you wearing the necklace I bet it looks great on you ;o)

    Thanks for sharing this fun project now I feel like I need to make a necklace too

  8. Oops-FYI I bought the baubles-they are way too big for my taste-not sure what Tim was thinking when he designed them. Maybe home decor?

  9. They’re meant for crafting/decor like all his things i would assume… but like much of it, could be used elsewhere. I like the size- but I’m a chunky jewelry kind of girl. 😉

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