I wrote about Zoe Archer’s new series (Blades of the Rose) a while back, and now that book #3 has released I’ve gotta just sing it’s praises for a moment here because, like, WOW.

I don’t know what I can say, except that I totally ADORE this series. It’s interesting, detailed, descriptive, adventure AND romance filled, and I love every character and page. Each of the three books has wildly different settings and characters, and yet they all maintain a similar voice and continuity that is like a really great dessert (but without the calories or required gym time).

above img from author’s website

The third book (Rebel) is in the Canadian Wilderness starring a former Blade heroine who has cut herself off from everyone and lives in the remote wilderness for the last several years after loosing her husband in battle… and she’s content with her existance until a very magical, very special man bumps into her. The two of them go racing off through the woods (and a river or two) in search of answers, and I dare not say more because I don’t want to spoil anything!

I loved her tough girl heroine, enjoyed watching the hero embrace his roots, and just could NOT function or think of anything else while that book remained un-read here in my house. I read it quick as possible!! LOVED IT!!

*happy content book worm sigh* Here’s her book trailer…


Zoe Archer is an amazing writer, and I so enjoy her books I’m counting weeks until the 4th and final installment comes out!! In the meantime, stay tuned. There’s a rumor that the goddess herself (aka Zoe) is going to be popping in here on my blog very soon… and she brings treasure…

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  1. OOOooh! Treasure from a Goddess author? That sounds like MY kind of dessert that is calorie & gym time-free. Are you talking “Stranger” that will be released in Dec. ? You are so mysterious, May!

  2. I’m planning on reading this as my next series because you made it sound soo intriguing!

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