ladies: do your thing.

The last few days I just keep reminding myself to just do my thing. Not get into anybody else’s drama (crap) and just keep focused on the good stuff. Cuz that happy stuff? It’s contagious. So much ick can be beaten back if you choose happy. (or, if you prefer focus in the ick and let it eat you alive, hey- it’s your life) 

Ok, so Some iPhone pics this week…

Super Girl.

Becca MUST be Rapunzel (because, and I quote “I am fashion”)

Adding another project to my 11/6 class @ Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, CA.

Loving this Halloween/Monster art E did for my grandma.

Becca does art too.

For those who saw my ‘desk’ video and thought it wasn’t that bad… HA! You didn’t see the under-side… it’s SCARY up in here y’all!!

Made my pot roast last night (I always mix up “how” on veggies, but basic prep remains same… so good…

…and otherwise just doing my thing. Choosing to be happy about seeing a lot of my relatives over next 5-7 days and finding silver linings and good in everything I can.

Happy Wednesday

8 thoughts on “ladies: do your thing.”

  1. May – sending happy thoughts your way as your blog posts always add happiness to my day! I keep reminding myself that I can chose how I think and to make happy choices.
    Signed up for Colour class and so am going to put some music on and start organizing my stash – I can surely relate to your picture – but heck that means I’m on the right path, huh! Happy Halloween!!

  2. May, you completely ROCK, girlie!

    I’m “doin’ my thing” in my room right now, rockin’ out the tune as I organize my ‘disaster area’. A friend of mine saw a photo of my room and told me it was giving her hives. But, you know, I let it slide, because I’ve seen her son’s room, and BELIEVE ME, it was far worse than my scraproom. LOL.

    Hugs! BTW, your kiddos are adorable!!

  3. Once again, JEALOUS! Wish I could say my room looks like that. Another week and my scrap room is still not finished. BOOHHOO!

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