All or nothing.

(hee hee. I LOVE my jobs. But I couldn’t resist using this card once again)

I have 2 modes: on and off.

I can sit utterly still, book in hand, and not move for hours. (I can also do this just sitting/laying/staring at nothing)

Or I’m moving. multi-tasking. brain whirling with new ideas and checking off to-do list items.

This weekend, I was very much the extreme of both. I hesitate to admit – I read 3 books in the last 3 days. Better than hours of TV, but still. More on those later. I just sat and read. Also fell asleep at one point in my studio… and no my family didn’t notice! Ah to relax and let the rainy days literally soothe me. I ADORE rainy weather. I think I’d prosper somewhere with lots of rain.

Oh and I also worked for HOURS on my upcoming class kits ( classes) and started a few new projects for future articles…

I feel refreshed and I think I’m ready to face a new week. Bring on the Monday – my “go go go” side of my personality loves the start of the week…

if you can’t tell, the brain in my head is already firing left and right as it’s back to fully charged… GO GO GO!

6 thoughts on “All or nothing.”

  1. I can totally relate to having 2 modes on and off.

    I spent part of my weekend in off mode reading or napping (the super busy last couple of weeks catching up with me), or watching Harry Potter series (getting ready for the next one to be in theatres)

    My on mode wasn’t for fun time though it was spent cleaning up after 2 kids and 4 dogs, UGH It seems like cleaning the floors and doing laundry are all I do these days.

    Going to make a point to have a creative day this week, and have lunch with a friend.

    Hope you have a busy and productive week.

  2. I was go, go, go too. Went to the CK Scrap & Play Friday and Sunday, came home to do some cleaning of the house and spend time with my DD, then Sunday night I had a hockey game, came home and vegged on the sofa with my DD ’til she went to sleep then off to lala land myself. I love busy days, but I hate the clean up in the house that has to be done later. 🙂

  3. May, your classes look awesome! I wish I were in Berkeley. Any chance you’ll sell or giveaway class kits? Love your craftiness!

  4. Love your blunt card. I don’t hate my job. i just have other things to do! I was at a weekend crop, took a fantastic Canon photography class, took a walk in the woods, worked on CSS skills AND stayed up till 4 am reading!
    Ain’t life grand!

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