10/1: Birds Eye view

Something new I’m going to try… taping (with iphone) me going about my crafty business… taped from a shelf above my workspace… a birds eye view if you will. First up – what happens when you mix Distress Ink + wet = blur. This is a VERY handy trick and one I use often. In fact you saw it on Wednesday in the canvas project I shared. It does work with water – on a sticky back canvas sheet I don’t want that though, so I use my trusty PPA. Normally? No words going to be in these weekly blog posts. Just a ‘video glimpse’ into what I’ve been up to.  Hope you like it!


5 thoughts on “10/1: Birds Eye view”

  1. Neat ! I love the distress inks and can’t wait until I can get some of the new colors !

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