7 thoughts on “It’s about that time…”

  1. I love her sugar-rush face! Her lips even look sticky. Too cute!

    Nice job on the photo. The in-color candy makes her sweet face pop.

  2. May, what are those little stripey sweets? They have found their way into the Halloween crafts over here but you can’t buy the actual sweets. I am curious, do they have a name and what do they taste of??

    ** Kate **

  3. What a wonderful photo! Fall is my favorite too. My dh is already on his 4th or 5th bag of candy corn for the season. Have you see the Hershey’s candy corn kisses! Oh man so good!

  4. Living in SoCA you never really have a fall season. Now after living in the Pacific No West for 5 years, fall has become a favorite time of the year. Must add candy corn to the shopping list!

  5. Just made a darling banner using the candy corn pattern!!! Great minds are thinking alike May 🙂

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