I’m a dork, and if you have read this blog or met me for any length of time you already know this. Proof today? I went to bed at 7pm with the girls and set my alarm for 1am for Margie’s HSN debut. I did some layouts for her (for this) and maybe I would see them with her. I kept telling myself MAYBE because I know how things can change and how more prep is needed for TV than actually makes it on…

So first off I thought Margie was GREAT! Above you see her holding up one of my layouts (featuring Miss E), and I think that’s Karen’s layout on the right. The Paper Girl kit (and on-holiday which wasn’t shown but is available) is such a great line – and the kit is a good deal.

Me? Last week I was making my contributions and the whole time thinking “NO pressure or anything self, you’re only creating for television” and then I’d have to pretend I wasn’t. I am glad I had such a short turn-around because I think it prevented me from over-thinking or freezing up too much. Just keeping it real here – I was equal parts excited and nervous at such an opportunity with The Girls’ Paperie.

I think one of the things that was most fun about this whole project was that my non-craft friends & family could FINALLY understand a project I was working on. “To be seen on HSN” is something (almost) universally understood, when usually they have NO CLUE what I’m talking about or why I’m excited. They don’t know what it means that I’m on the Girls’ Paperie design team, but they can get ‘made projects for home shopping network’. Cool.

Margie leaning over a page with Becca (glare is bad, I know) and I think the page on right is Nora’s. I don’t care if it makes me super nerd that I set up a stand for my camera in front of the TV and snapped pictures so I’d have images + DVR’d it so I can make Jason watch when he gets home from work in a few hours. I’ve never had my layouts on TV (early AM hours or not), and who knows if I’ll get the chance again.

I know the supply is limited (if you wanted in on the kit) – but if you just want to see full shots/detail shots of my layouts stay tuned. I need to upload + size/edit the images but I’ve got them and I WILL be sharing within the week.

For now I’m going to attempt to go back to sleep.

24 thoughts on “HSN!”

  1. This is awesome May! Toot your horn! I admit if I had a layout or other item on tv I’d totally geek out and take pictures! Now the question is: will you scrapbook pictures of your scrapbook pages?

  2. Congratulations! Your pages look great! Thanks for the reminder to check out HSN today. My wallet does not thank you.

  3. That is just the coolest thing. I’m sure I’d get up in the middle of the night also.
    Perfect pictures to turn to black and white, loove the contrast.

  4. You have every right to be excited! I think every scrapbooker I know would have done the exact same thing. Congratulations with all my heart!

  5. I LOVE IT! I checked in at 9:00 my time, but the Cricut was on. Okay, but have to know- did you bite and buy anything???

    Congratulations May! So proud of you 🙂 Now Miss E and Miss B can say that they were on T.V.! Blessings, ME

  6. SO very excited and happy for you. More and more people are seeing your wonderful work; but a picture doesn’t show your great personality.
    I know just how you feel about the photos of the TV. A food network show, “Will Work For Food”, did an episode on my SIL and his brother’s bee/honey business. Of course, we all watched it together and recorded it. I even took pictures of the DirecTV on screen guide that gave the time and synopsis of the show. Maybe that’s one I should pull out and use for UYS???

  7. TOO fun!! I barely know your style but I could tell (I watched it while feeding my youngest eeeaaaaarrrrly this monring)!! Awesome job!!

  8. I am glad you got up! And you are right, we never know when an opportunity will present itself again. Good job!

  9. How fun!! I don’t think it was weird at all that you took pictures of this 🙂 Congratulations for having your work on TV; it looks great by the way!

  10. Congratulations May!!! I would be the same way if my layouts were going to be on tv. Can’t wait to see the layouts posted.

  11. Way to go May, What an awesome accomplishment for your work to be shown on HSN!! Love that paper and what you created with it.!! HSN can be very dangerous on the pocketbook!!!

  12. That’s so fun — congratulations! Hope you got back to sleep. 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to set my DVR for The Girl’s Paperie segment, but I set it for Tim Holtz’s.

  13. That is SO cool that you got photos! All I did was record it so I could watch while I ate breakfast this morning. 🙂
    Your layouts were absolutely adorable!

  14. congrats on your hsn gig!!! How exciting! And thanks for the heads up that scrapbooking would be on all day. I was up in the wee hours with my 3 month-old and was happy to have something awesome to focus on as I fed her and tried to stay awake. Your layouts were awesome, and I’m really digging the Girls Paperie products.

  15. Not weird or dorky AT ALL! Congratulations- that is very exciting. I’d definitely be doing the same thing. Very happy for you!

  16. I got to see the show where your layouts were featured and I knew right away which was yours !!! That must have been so exciting for you and your work was beautiful ,too!!!!

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