Cake Pops!

Oh for the love of cute. Speaking of blogs I love and people who cross all reasonable “normal” bounds of creativity. I love Bakerella.

I love – and I am really excited about her book. {amazon link} I’m picturing class parties and me being a hero of a mom. yeah! Or bouquets of cake pops just because. Otherwise just expanding my decorating skills beyond sprinkles and having FUN. Her imagination and creativity always blows me away.

These Mater cakes are still on my must-make list! {link to post}. I also saw her on the cover of a food magazine at the grocery store this week. The woman’s skills are definitely being noticed!!

Alas, I’ll have to wait a while for my copy. I ordered it along with the new Janet Evanovich (Wicked Appetite) coming out this week from Amazon and so I must be patient. I guess I’ll go make some calorie-free paper crafts so that I can have room for dessert when the time comes!!

9 thoughts on “Cake Pops!”

  1. I’ve made them. They didn’t come out as pretty as hers but even just some sprinkles and the kids (and adults) love them! I ordered her book, even though I’ll never have the patience to make the fancy ones and I know how to make the basic ones, I just had to have it.

    Cake pops impress people as just as layered jello squares.

  2. OMG! Hubby is a truck driver and has actually worn out his “Cars” DVD. He’s going to be gone all week I have to make some of these for when he comes home. Thank yu this is the best link ever.

  3. Oh my – have you seen her Sheep Cake Pops…..Eleanor is so “into” Sheep have to make these for her……Thanks so much for sharing. Off to scrapbook now but had to comment. Using my stash up!

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