last chance!

Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash is well underway – already way more than 200 layouts/projects in gallery! Everyone in class is AWESOME- I’m having such a great time already with skype 1-on-1 calls, . If you are on the fence, it’s your last chance to join in. Registration closes Wednesday night. (Info here: )

Speaking of stash, as I clean up after my create-a-thon from the Scarlet Lime kits I started to put away the left overs. Since I used so much of the kits I was going to put the things I didn’t use straight into my stash (vs leaving separated by kit)… but then I had a thought…  what if I shared instead? NO! I couldn’t share… this stuff is TOO good… but… well…

what if I was nice and gave the stickers and embellishments I have left over to one of you? I decided that would be both fun + good so I packed an envelope with the goodies you see above (plus a few more) and I’m sharing. If you’d like to win leave a comment here by Wednesday night (comments will be closed when it’s over) and I’ll pick a winner…

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  1. so far class has been great! I have a studio calico kit from last fall that I plan on breaking into today!

  2. May – U are the best Inspiration in my Book!!! Im LOVING class and I so enjoy your blog … its my bliss moment of “you’ve got mail”.

  3. I am loving class as well! I was also inspired by your haunted house project. I’m putting this project together for me and my boy and he is so excited to make his own haunted house!

  4. Still reading your blog daily…even if I don’t comment or scrap much anymore. Keeps me connected to the crafty life! 😉

  5. I’m itching to get home and really start class. It’s fun to keep up on the boards and gallery, but I want to get into my craft room; I know what 3 things I want to start with. It would be fun playing with the family and home items in the picture. You are such a generous person!

  6. Thanks for the chance to share some goodies from your stash (I really love your Halloween house- looking forward to fall).

  7. Love your blog as well as following your articles on You offer so much inspiration and I love your nonstressful, easygoing approach to scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance!

  8. How fun for all of us to have such a great teacher. This is the most fun, thanks to you and all the talented students. Would love to add these goodies to my stash!!

  9. Wow, May, a fantastic class and goodies on your blog. You are too much!!! Thanks for the chance!

  10. Finding your blog so inspiring at the moment! Now I have to find the energy to dive into class…

    the goodies look gorgeous.

  11. Those embellishments are too cute! I am loving your blog and class is awesome! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  12. What a sweetheart you are May. Those embellies look like they would make a wonderful addition to my projects!!

  13. nice idea – give away before it becomes stash! thanks for the opportunity! enjoying the class so far – love the prompts and it is very satisying to use things that have been laying around!

  14. I knew I would be tied up the first bit of class, but am still hoping to join you all. New baby is joining the family and I have to chauffeur a 4-yr-old redhead for the next couple of days. Even though I am supposed to ‘Use my Stash”, I’ll add my name to the goodie envelope list 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for your class. I wish I didn’t work and could just scrapbook for the next few weeks. I love the stickers you are giving away. These are the colors I scrap with and would be a wonderful addition to “my” stash:)

  16. Another girl who is loving the UYS class! Your blog is great as well. So sweet of you to share! Thanks!

  17. I’m really enjoying Use Your Stash! I’m about to use some vellum stickers I’ve had for seven years (they were a gift after my second daughter was born).

    I’d love to win these new stickers and embellishments. A lot of my stash is of the older variety!

  18. Since I’m on a ‘no spending’ spree, this would definitely give me a ‘shopping fix’!!! Looks like some wonderful product!

  19. Wishing I could take your class:( Taken a couple of them and they are great. Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. You always have so much going on. I am not sure how you do it. I would be willing to take some of these goodies off your hands.

  21. May, you are such a sweetie. Thanks for the chance to win. I am so loving your class. Might not be too active on the Boards (I realised I spent way too much time there & not actually SBing!), but you can guarantee I’m working away in the background!

  22. Have just started following your blog and really enjoy it. All the goodies look wonderful and have no carbs which I am watching these days. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  23. May, I’d love to win your stash. I was on the fence about signing up for UYS then did a couple days into in and am so glad. I’ve completed 3 pages with a few more in the works. Thanks for making scrapbooking and recording stories fun again!

  24. May you are so generous with your time and your goodies, I’m loving class as usual. Going through and organizing all of my stash has been worth it I’ve found several things I forgot about and been able to clear out some older things. I had put myself on a No Spending Allowed other than basics like adhesive and basic color cardstock until I used up some of the old stuff. Now thanks to class I’m going through and using the old stuff and will be allowed to buy new again ;o)

  25. I’ve been away for a long weekend, but I can’t wait to start digging through the stash and getting some LOs done! Lots of inspiration in the classroom and gallery!

  26. May – just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the Using your Stash class! I am actually using stuff up!

  27. I am loving your class and using my stash! You are so right that when you get in the habit of creating, creativity comes much easier! Thanks for offering up some new stash 🙂

  28. just found your blog and i’m loving your pages and house from the scarlet lime kit.. what a great giveaway – thanks for sharing!!

  29. May: I am having a great time in class and can’t wait to create more layouts from my stash tonight! That said, I’d LOVE to add to my stash with the goodies you are giving away! LOL

  30. Oh May, I knew this was the class I shouldn’t have skipped! I definitely need to use my stash. Maybe I’ll head on over and register! 😉
    BTW, I updated my blog with one new entry and hope to blog a little more today. I’ve set my blog on my priority list, not just my ‘do whenever I feel like it’ list.

  31. Ohhhhhh I love those!!! Who are the ones by the Teresa Collins ones? I would sooooooooooo love to have those!!

  32. ohh!! Thanks for the chance:) I took your last class. Loved it! Cant wait to take another soon.
    Lori R

  33. That stuff looks awesome …. I always wanted to order a SL kit but never have … yet! Your class sounds awesome … somehow your classes always collide with something major big going on in my life …. some day soon I’m just going have to decide the BIG thing is one of your classes!

  34. I really missed a lot by not keeping up with your blog over the weekend – well was moving a kid to college…but these layouts are all beautiful and make me think about how to make my layouts look better.

  35. I see lots of Fall related goodies. I’m working on Fall pages right now, but I refuse to tell you from which year! 😉

  36. I think I’m having an epiphany but I’m not sure yet. I’d better decide before tomorrow night. I haven’t scrapped a layout in ages because to be honest I am really put off by all the overdone, cluttered, tedious layouts that seem to be the rage. But yours are fun and honest. They are about the pictures and the memories and they are fun. I picture ladies in log cabins with oil lamps putting treasured cards in a book with dried flowers and pieces of fabric to dress up their treasures. But it’s just so darn hard to translate that into boy pictures. I will ponder more.

  37. So glad I stopped by just in time to enter my name too!
    Love blog hopping and so grateful to find yours. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win…….maybe!

  38. I enlisted to the “Use Your Stash” class the day before yesterday and am trying to get a grip. But I’ve already started looking veeeeeery much towards the big pile of chippies… 😉 This will be fun! 🙂

  39. I am adoring class. Loving the community vibe. I would LOVE to win some new product (even if it’s leftovers). I plan on scrapping a LOT this month and will need to replenish 🙂 Allie

  40. Have recently started checking your blog and am really enjoying what you share. Leftovers are like found treasure.

  41. If you are on the fence about class, fall in! Love it! And there is so much inspiration in May’s handouts and also some great ideas on the Message Board from May and students

  42. Love your blog, May! Hope I win! And thanks for inspiring me to dig in to my stash and get more scrapping done! 🙂

  43. I know sharing can be difficult sometimes, that is why I have so much stuff… Thanks for sharing with one lucky gal.

  44. What a super great giveaway!!! Would love to win and use up some of my stash with your leftovers. Thanks for the chance.

  45. Well what better give away to win for the “Queen of Embellishments” than more embellishments???? Makes sense to me 🙂

  46. Wow, May, those stickers ‘n stuff look way too good to give away… but your heart is BIG! Thank you for a chance to win!

  47. Amazing drawing prize, loving class, looking forward to tomorrow’s round of downloads:)

  48. I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂 You are so thoughtful and kind and inspiring… THANK you! I love what you did with all the Stickles.

  49. Just checking by to see if I won 🙂 Love your 10 min idea…thanks for continued encouragment. Have fun at your crop.

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