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Sometimes I get a creative flash of a day. What do I mean by “Flash”? Well, there’s a show called Chuck that I love and he gets these insane rush of images that tell him how to kick butt/be a spy/have info he needs… me? I have more “creative” versions of these once in a while. When one hits I like to call it a flash now. (If you want a Chuck visual… click here for a youtube video montage of ‘flash’)

note: last time I had one I wound up with THIS idea featured today on the JBS blog- and which you will see loads of from me for Christmas/themed for ornaments!

Ok, so  as I was driving home from dropping Rebecca at preschool (which she LOVES already) I had the idea that I’d take pics and jot notes along the way. Nothing fancy – no big explanations either. ALL these projects will come right here this month eventually.  Just, well, a glimpse inside the raw of my process.

FYI – each one of these is a SEPARATE project…


Yes. Maybe it needs felt.

YES! mwaaa haaa haa!

now I need red bakers twine.

of course. pearl brads IN the ribbon.

heat gun then ink then water then heat gun on photo paper? What would happen?

Use wood roof itself as base to tear off of.

Thoughts? Lame? Cool? suggestions? If you think I should (or shouldn’t – I can take it) do more of these “big creative day glimpse” posts in future let me know. It’s been on my ‘try it’ list a long time.


For something more finished, and a lot of fun you can check out my Chalkboard Glimmer mist article here.

I’m going to go re-charge my batteries with sleep so I can go wild all weekend long…

9 thoughts on “creative flash…”

  1. You are amazing, you make me laugh and realize I am not in the ozone all by myself. There are other creative
    loons who keep me company in cyberspace. Have a great weekend. be wel, Robin

  2. Yes more please! Love all those little peeks into your creative brain. And your post at JB was just too cute! I can’t wait to see all these projects!

  3. I love the creative Flash! I am a huge fan of Chuck and a huge fan of you and I think its awesome that you like Chuck too. 🙂

    I love the heart cut from the starbucks cardboard. 🙂

  4. I love the show Chuck! My hubby has even worked on that show several times (he’s a cameraman.) Your creative flashes are great–just like little sneaky peeks.

  5. Love the creative flash… I have them too but unlike you they just stay in my brain cuz I am too lazy to try it! hahaha

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