Seen it Tuesday.

I am working on SO much I can’t quite show you yet… either because I’m not allowed or because it’s not finished! So, I thought it would be fun to share a “seen it” link/photo post of things you CAN see + enjoy right now.

Above is a 4×6 piece of one of the Memory Works papers I used in yesterday’s Scrapbook Update article. *LOVE* this quote. Expect to see it right here again as inspiration for a project.

I want to be best friends with Dina Wakley. Seriously woman is an artistic goddess + seems super nice. How can I make that happen without being weird stalker person? I’ll work on it. She posted some AMAZING stuff that made me want to entirely change myself to be just like her. Ok, so I won’t do that but seriously the woman is a rock star of funk. is my handle on twitter. Did you know that I now have an iphone (long story, we’ll chat about it some other time), which means I can share pictures through my twitter account? I totally do! In fact, I often share pics of projects I’m currently working on, stuff in my studio, etc. Just thought I’d mention that!

Did you miss the free journaling class Elle’s Studio had on their blog? Well guess what? They’ve turned the whole she-bang into an AWESOME PDF file that you can DOWNLOAD FREE. I love all the inspiration in there – I’m printing mine out for sure!

Speaking of classes, Use your Stash starts in less than 48 hrs!!! Info here:


Have you seen Back 40 (September Studio Calico kit)? I couldn’t help myself. I bought one. I’m eyeing the Jenni Bowlin offerings that I’ve seen sneaks of for 9/1 too…

Speaking of reveals and sneaks… I have two guest blogger posts going up this week. Where? What will the projects (oh yeah, new projects) be? I’m sorry to say I can’t say quite yet. It’s not September…

{and with that total tease of a comment + this teasing image I’m outta here!}

8 thoughts on “Seen it Tuesday.”

  1. Okay, seriously, you are so funny. lol!! And yeah, I’m nice. 😉 Let’s be friends! hee hee

    Thanks for inspiring ME!

  2. Signed up for your Bps class today – counting down the hours and getting my scrap space ready for fun 🙂

  3. Can’t wait for class … and speaking of class, I’ve taken a few of Dina Wakely’s at Get It Scrapped and they are fantastic! Thanks for the link to Elle’s studio too – how nice that she made a PDF of all the classes!

  4. I noticed the Disney quote tag at the top of your blog right away. And then me, my husband and my teenage boys debated whether you made it or bought it. Just wanted you to know a) you were the topic of debate and b) I cannot wait for this tag. Thanks for the download and loved the pre-work on UYS – gonna’ be a great class! Finally – love the blurb cards. They rock.

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