Happy Working Song + give away

I’m prepping for a lot of things over here. I have a few assignments, some classes to work on, and I’m gearing up for UYS to start. But before I do any of that I’m working up a great big cleaning/organizing/purging spree! While I’ve been working I have also been goofing around a bit too. If you follow me on twitter you’ve already seen a few of these…

I purchased Giselle back when the movie Enchanted came out and could NOT bring myself to turn her over to the then 2 year old Elizabeth. She became mine. Below is Rebecca’s toy… he’s only in one photo because, well, I’m not allowed to play with Woody. (insert indignant 3 year old face here)


Prince Charming really likes playing king of distress ink mountain. He lives in the bat cave because of a broken hip. I glued him back together, but he’s no longer strong enough for kid use. I’m ok with that.

M monster! Love that green monster. He has a brother/friend… I haven’t uncovered him yet though. But seriously? That dang Giselle is useless in cleaning. She is distracted by pretty things + sings. a lot.

At the risk of turning my studio into the island of misfit toys… I really want, no NEED a Batman. Seriously – how does the room known as the bat cave not have one?!

The prince didn’t appreciate my humor.


Are you getting the picture that I can entertain myself pretty much no matter what I’m doing? Well it’s true. I always try to find the fun.


I’m not sure how many boxes/envelopes I’ll come up with… but I am giving away loads of goodies! Some old Basic Grey paper packs, I have a box packed with past kit remnants, an envelope of ribbon… as I keep cleaning I’ll keep adding more! Need to add to your stash? Leave a comment here and I’ll draw winners. Due to weight I have 2 boxes that simply can not be shipped out of USA (seriously – 10lbs! WAHOO for flat rate boxes!) – so if you’re not in the USA please let me know so I can put you in for any drawing but those two. Thanks!

Winners to be notified via e-mail on the 26th of August

186 thoughts on “Happy Working Song + give away”

  1. So funny. My fav is the TH scissors one. They oddly go with her dress. It makes her look like the Princess of Scrapsalot. You need to watch out for Prince Charming! I think you ticked him off when you put him in the casket. Now he has a knife. Watch your back!

  2. Hi!..

    that was soo funny!..

    I Would love to win one of your boxes!.. I don’t have that big of a stash, because i just started scrapbooking 🙂

    ps. i Come from Denmark, so sadly i cant get the big boxes! 🙁

    I really hope to win, and i love to follow your blog!


  3. I love your posing dolls with the scrap supplies. Too funny and cute. So you are cleaning out some goodies. I would love to win an envelope or box or whatever. Thanks for a chance.

  4. LOVE Prince Charming’s shoe fetish!
    If I find batman (while I’m purging the remains of my childrens’ exodus to CA, I’ll pass him along.

  5. Looks like you’re having fun over there. Just open your window and get Giselle to call in the troops, and your studio will be clean in no time!

    Apparently the only thing I need to increase my stash by is white cardstock – and this from the gal who claimed she could live in a World Without Cardstock – but what the heck, stick my name in your hat, too. Not for 10 lbs. of stuff though – I’m across the border.

    Thanks for a fun post on a Friday morning!

  6. I LOVE Basic Grey, and would be happy to take some off your hands! Love your toy choices and all the fun you have – I have “Happy Working Song” and “How Does She Know” on my iPod – loved the movie Enchanted. Happy cleaning!

  7. How fun! I LOVE Barbie…I didn’t see her hanging out anywhere bummer. You have put the thought into my head to go out to the garage and borrow some of my 24 year old’s Barbies. I don’t think she would miss them.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I like the world of liitle things and one of my friends gave me a “real” barbie doll when I reached 50 years old (!!!!). Now you jus gave me an idea on how to recycle her. I might make her a grunge paper dress.HIHI
    (I am from Quebec Canada)

  9. OH, May, I have known since waaaay before Camp Scrap that we are kindred souls, but this cements our relationship! I, too, love to have fun and play with the characters (Making them mine!). I agree that Giselle wouldn’t have appreciated by the YOUNG and know how Woddy is ONLY on loan!

    I would love to have a present to help celebrate our 48th Anniversary on Aug. 25th! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    As always, love your ideas and creativity. Had a blast in Camp Scrap!

  10. HAHA I really had a lot of fun looking at your pictures today. My daughter has a Woody Doll that she absolutely adores, I am allowed to play with him on very special occasions.

    I’d love to have a chance at your stash. I live in Las Vegas 🙂 so no issues with international shipping.

  11. I have some of my kids toys hanging around – I think they need to join my scrappy area – cute post

  12. My scraproom doubles as a toy room, so I am usually moving barbies or dress-up jewelry off of my desk before I can work. Some days I can hardly walk across the room to get to my area!

  13. May, you crack me up! I thought I was the only mom that played with toys that my kids leave in my scraproom (and ones that I refuse to give them, enter “let’s pretend Elmo”! Thanks so much for the good laugh this morning, I so needed it!

  14. well, I don’t NEED to add to my stash, but sure would love to! at least you are having fun cleaning up! 🙂

  15. Great pics. My granddaughter is staying with me for a few days. When I saw Woody I had to show her. Thats her favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. this post is GREAT! Had me laughing and smiling the entire time i read it. Two 10 lb boxes…..your craft room must look like mine! I would love to give some of your treasures a new home!

  17. That is quite the fun little collection of friends you have! 🙂 The monster is my favorite, I must say! Thanks for offering a fun giveaway!

  18. May, you are so awesome! I always enjoy your posts, and I’m looking forward to playing in the Scrap your Stash class! Thanks for all you do!

  19. Enjoyed your post – I needed a good laugh – fighting a summer cold – would love to win a goodie box from you!!!

  20. May, love today’s post. I was going to leave a comment even before I came to the prize part. This post was awesome! You’re my kind of girl. Love it!

  21. May, where do you ever find the courage to part with things? My piles are getting higher and higher. My cat runs every time I bring a “pink” bag in the house. (LLS uses pink bags) But, she guards them, actually sits on them so I can only pay ‘tention to her.

  22. Looks like cleaning and sorting is a lot more fun in your house than mine….though I get pretty easily distracted from it as well!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win [UK based].

  23. Would love to help you reduce your stash!!! Cracking up at the photos from this week 😀

  24. May, this is so much fun ! I have a few wacky things in my scrappy area too, just because they have meaning to me and make me smile when I see them !

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend !

  25. so, so cute! I had a little SpongeBob living on my windowsill for the longest time – wonder where he went? Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  26. hysterical. Are you sure Giselle was just distracted by pretty things and not Prince Charming? Would love to see the goodies you are purging!! (I am in the US)

  27. Love the extra helpers in your craft room. I thought I was the only one that saved those kind of things.


  28. Oh, i’d love the chance to win! I’m up in Canada so no 10+ pounders for me. This reminds me that I need to head down to my scrap room and do a little cleaning/organizing too.

  29. You are too funny!!! I have a cow toy that I too could not bare to give to my toddler so she lives in my studio. I’ll have to do a photo shoot with her later!!!

  30. May, you are too funny! Almost spewed the coffee!! Anyway, put me in for the drawing. Thanks for the chance to add to the ever growing stash. Really need for your class to start sooner!!!!

  31. Too funny! Very creative and a great little break (or way to procrastinate). My mom and I made a curtain for glass front cabinet door yesterday. We put it up and laughed so hard, because it ended up looking like the inside of a coffin! I can send it to you if you think Prince Charming might be more comfortable with some gathered burgundy padding!

    Don’t NEED to add to my stash, but you have the funnest stuff to play with, so I welcome the chance! Thanks!

  32. My studio is taken over by Hot Wheels Cars on any given day. You can see them racing through my butterfly stickers or poking out of my new product basket. Thanks for sharing and happy cleanout!

  33. I adore your sense of humor and creativity. Thank you for the whimsy – you made my day. Buzz use to be in my art room until a college age student who shall remain nameless came in late one night and put him into her suitcase. What’s a mother to do? Have a wonderful weekend. be well, Robin

  34. Oh man!!!! That Prince with the “I Love Shoes” sign sent me rolling on the floor!

  35. Awesome. I love that you find the fun- that’s such a great way to live life and and an important message for those who don’t do it naturally.

    I’m local, so if I win I’m happy to do a pickup and save you postage.

  36. Not that I really need much more stuff to add to my “cave” but I’m guessing your stuff is better than mine and then I can pass off some of my stuff to someone else. Can’t wait for use your stuff up to start. I have a serious problem which needs to be dealt with!

  37. Glad you like to entertain all of us, but even more happy you are re-organizing/cleaning. I know every time I do I get a burst of new mojo, hope it works.

  38. Ah May-thanks for the giggle 🙂 I’ll keep my eyes on the lookout for a batman as I clean the house (however, even 23 year olds don’t like to part with their junk!). Enjoy your day 🙂

  39. I LOVE purging sprees!! One person’s junk is another’s treasure… and all that:) I’d be thrilled to benefit from your cleaning spree!

  40. Thanks for a Friday morning giggle! I also adopted UYS for myself personally at the beginning of the year as my DH has been laid off for 16 months now. I’ve been excited how my stash has invigorated my creativity, but I could always incorporate a few left overs from someone else’s stash.

  41. Bahahaha! This is great – Prince Charming just became my new BFF. Who wouldn’t love all those distress pads?! It’s good to know that my scrap space isn’t the only one overrun by fantastical characters 🙂

  42. Oh now I’m going to feel lonely in my studio until I find some creative friends of my own to whistle while we work!

  43. Those photos made me chuckle, I’m going to raid my daughters toybox 😀
    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win, I’m in the UK by the not so sunny seaside

  44. Too funny! Can’t wait for UYS to start either. Thanks for the chance to win.
    LeAnne in the US.

  45. I entertain myself daily while working or cleaning and am often reminded (especially while working) that others can see and hear me! Oh well, makes for an interesting day and lots of laughter!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love your blog!

  46. hello! I love your blog! I just signed up for your class at Big Picture and can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I love the dolls and the supplies together. Too cute!! Playing is always so much more fun than cleaning. Keep having fun!

  48. I would love to win some BG!!! It is one of my top favs and would love to have some of the older papers!!!

  49. Ok, so when it comes to the toys…..the fake hand, giant spider, and 8-ball on my desk means I’m normal too?!

  50. HA i love woody 🙂 such a fun way to include toys into crafting and or taking a break from work work work!! Love the new car too.. such a fun busy week for the family hope you guys have a wonderful relaxing weekend for sure

  51. Oh my May! First time on your website (via Tim Holtz’s), and already I am a fan. Love your fun with toys. My kids call me a TeenyBopper, and believe me, I am waayy past that age! Thanks for the chance to win your stash stuff. Of course, you always can use more! Pick me!

  52. Great pictures and a great sense of humor! I have toys, too, but they are all mine (from the 1960’s and 70’s!). And I wouldn’t part with them for the world!

  53. I love that you can turn cleaning and organising into a fun event. Perhaps I need a few more toys in my room to help in that area.
    I would love some of your old goodies but since I live in New Zealand cetainly don’t enter me for any heavy items.

  54. I would like to help you clean up your room! Destash away! Thanks for the fun glimpse into your “play area” – Tell prince charming I said hi!

  55. Such fun with photos! My son has a million action figures and you inspired be to shoot a mini book for him and he can dictate a story for it. Hope your stash can be my “treasure”.

  56. I would actually love to win one for my niece, Hailee. She is new to scrapbooking and a goodie box would make her year!! Thanks

  57. Would love to win some of your stash, May. I’ll need it, after all, for your next class!

  58. I will gladly take any of these boxes of goodies off your hands since I live in Alabama!

  59. Thanks for sharing your pictures of the fun you had. I love to celebrate the “inner child” that I know still lurks in all of us if would just let go and play like we did as kids. I have had a treasure chest with odds and ends of toys and when I worked at a bank on really tough days I would turn on my fan and let it blow bubbles into the hall! raised some eyebrows but I didn’t care ’cause I was having fun!

  60. How funny!! Fun to clean out and find treasures. I would love to take some of that off your hands. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  61. Now I have the “Happy Working Song” in my head and I just might need to watch “Enchanted” while I scrap tomorrow. Thanks for the fun post and all your inspiration!!

  62. LOL! Thanks for the entertainment! I can seriously do the same but I dress up my poor dogs!

  63. Your pictures were hilarious!!!! 🙂 My husband is seriously considering revamping our art room with GI Joes and Transformers. Maybe a few robots and a couple of Care Bears just to add some cheer. Thanks for the laughs!!!

  64. those pics are too funny and good luck with the clean/uncluttering. What a fun giveaway and wowie on the weight of just two boxes.

  65. We must be related!! LOL I have Taz, Ferbie and a wild haired knome doll for company in my studio. Would love to win some stash!!

  66. Oh my goodness! I have never laughed so hard while reading a post, thank you. And this gave me an idea for a party I will be hosting.

  67. you’re so nice to give away your unwanted/unused stash. Love the pictures of your creative mind at play. Had to laugh.

  68. Dude, you totally have me drooling over BG collections and kit remnants. Nummy! You are one generous scrappin’ babe, May. Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. those photos are great – must show my girls tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m in Australia though.

  70. HaHaHa…..love that you enjoyed a day playing with the girls toys…I so miss those days….I had a great time doing something similar when my grandchildren came to visit…I wish I would have thought to take pics….Keep on enjoying all that life has to give

  71. Hi May, you look like you making clearing out fun! Please can I go in the draw for an outside of the USA treat, thanks.

    ** Kate **

  72. What cool way to bring your kids into the craft space. Please put me in your drawing. Thanks for the chance.

  73. Some days I am convinced my youngest daughter is Giselle reincarnated as a southern belle. I love the pictures and love that you made cleaning up the batcave fun.
    Makes me want to get down in my own batcave in the basement and do something creative myself!

  74. Okay – I have to say that this is about the FUNNIEST blog post I’ve read in my ENTIRE blogosphere life. 😉 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! Have fun cleaning out. I’ll take anything you want to throw to TX. And enjoy your new car – they are so much fun. I got an SUV in ’06 and love the body style – not a car, not a van, not too short, not too tall…. Have a super day! – pennyscraps

  75. Thanks for sharing your stash! Very cool!
    Loved the Prince with the I love shoes sign! The first step is admitting you have a problem! LOL! Maybe now he can finally get the help he needs……


  76. Hi May, Love your creative photos! They made me smile 🙂 I think posts like these are the reason I keep coming back, not the prizes, though they’re an added bonus, but the fact that your blog is just so much FUN to read!!!!

    i love in Canada, but if i do happen to be lucky enough to win one of the big ones, i have a US address that you can send it to and my mom can pick it up for me.
    Have fun cleaning, who knows Batman might be hiding somewhere.

  77. Ha! That was hilarious! Way to have fun in your craft room, I’ll have to set up a scene with my girls’ toys. They’ll love it!

  78. Love the pictures! My daughter and I have a lot of toys we pose. We are addicted to gumball machine prizes. Nice to know we aren’t alone.

  79. You are too funny ! Can’t wait for ‘Use Your Stash’, it looks to be an adventure !

  80. I adore you – you are smart, creative and funny – and you play with toys! You may not mind that I am surrounded by stuffed animals – albeit small ones. They do make me smile. Thank you for the opportunity!

  81. I loved this post— because I LOVE Enchanted- I am going to put it on right now- no kidding..
    we have Giselle- the doll– my dd was riding home from school one day singing the “Happy Working song”- dd sounds just like Amy Adams–it cracks us up when she starts spouting lines from Enchanted (she is 17 and has it memorized- she has told her dbf that he needs to learn Prince Edwards lines–lol)
    LOVE your blog it made me smile!

  82. Don’t know if this is still open, but LOVE the photos. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  83. I hope I can still put my name in for a prize. Sorry that no paper could be coming my way here in Canada. But if I add to my stash then I will feel more justified in taking UYS. Thank May!

  84. oh oh pick me pick me. I live so far away from scrapbook stores it would be nice to boost my stash a little esp. now that I have a kid my budget is very limited as well Thanks for sharing!

  85. I have a spare Batman I can share! Even though all my boys are more than grown we still have a few hanging around the house. So I bounced over to see what to see what UYS meant and I have a question. I am so technologically out of date but what is SKYPE?

  86. hi May, unfortunatly not USA 🙁 BUT downunder laughs alot at your ‘mates’ too 🙂 so LOVe to win one of your packs too 🙂 happy decluttering my dear xx

  87. thanks for the laugh/inspiration. I feel i should bring MY Huge tickle me Elmo doll into my scrap room to keep me company now.

    Cindy G.

  88. Cute way to re-use kids’ toys (or ours!!)… Loved it!! And I’d love to take some of your stash to help you clear up!! Please include me in your drawing!

  89. Thanks for the laugh. Would love to win – the 26th is my 15th wedding anniversary- but thanks for the chance.

  90. Y’know, I have to learn from you: if I could make cleaning as much fun as you do, I may well be more conscientous in doing it more frequently! 🙂 Thanks for the smiles, and the opportunity!

  91. Looks like lot of fun! I have Locutus of Borg (Star Trek fan) in my room, so totally understand the toys! BTW: Crazy Canuck here!

  92. What a crack up! Especially about not being allowed to play with Woody 🙂 Thanks for a great post. Totally made me smile. I’d love to win your leftovers 🙂

  93. Everyone need some time to play in their day! If more of us took that time there would be a lot less stressed out people around. Thanks for the smile.

  94. Looks like you’re having way too much fun “working”. Thanks for the chance to win. Great post.

  95. I like your friends a lot better than mine. I’ve got dust bunnies hiding among my stash, lol.

  96. This was hysterical –can’t believe all the toys! Love to help you out with your cleaning out, so include me in the drawing.


  97. What a great way to relax and get inspired! I have a few odd items in my craft space too. Inspiration can be found in the oddest places.

  98. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Love the toys. I have many bears scattered around – oh, and a bulldog — school mascot!

  99. So who’s says we’re too old to play with dolls? Thanks for the smiles – maybe next time I see a doll I love, I’ll purchase her.

  100. This reminds me of the fun we have with Flat Stanley-thanks for the lighthearted fun and a chance to win!

  101. cracking up at your story. Im sure we all have some oddball scrap crap in our spaces. Thanks!

  102. I loved that Giselle with the scissors!

    I’d LOVE to win some of your “destash” goodies!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  103. In my craft space you will find Star Wars figures, Hot Wheels & various Lego creations. Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. Looks like your friends need more space to play. I’d be glad to take some of those supplies off your hands.

  105. It is so important to keep a sense of humor when faced with a daunting task–I know. I just cleaned my scrap area too! Didn’t have half as much fun as you though!

  106. Maybe I am too late for the drawing, but the happy working song was hilarious. Today is first day back to school for teachers – bad news is, I am a teacher. So I perked up when I saw Giselle – I’m off to cut up some curtains for a dress and sing the happy working song.

  107. Hahahahaha Prince charming in a casket!!! Too funny!

    I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff! But we’re always ready to get more stuff too! lol I hope who ever wins the goodies, will take a picture of it and show us what she /he gets! Hint hint!

    I suppose you’re getting ready for halloween, or are you really having a wake for the poor prince? lol Thanks for sharing!

  108. Love your blog! Would love to win a big box of goodies! Your green monster has inspired me to make a monster wreath for Halloween, so thank you!

  109. I would love to win! Nothing better than a box of surprises when you get home from a day of work! Thanks for the chance. Donna

  110. wow!!! i thought when i purged i came up with a lot! but never ever even once a 10# box let alone more than one!!! :O)
    i work with high needs kids at school, so when i do purge, i take it all in to them and let them make recipe albums, cards, albums about their year at school etc! always making sure that they get to take lots of pics as well :O)
    so, it would be great to get a few embellishment type thangs for them! cause that is something i don’t have a lot of, so seldom part with :O/
    thanx for such a great chance

  111. ps – i am in canada
    and :O) i have stuffed scotties in my craft room and a few thomas the tank!!!! :O) so seeing all the toys in your craft room made me feel very comfy! :O)

  112. May, this is a total hoot, and makes me think of my own office space *ahem, Happy Place.* Thanks for bringing some grins to my day, and whether I win the drawings or not, you’re a peach for sharing the love of your stashy goodness.

    Have a lovely day!

  113. Love the props. Too cute. The closet in my scraproom (formally playroom for my kids) is full of vintage toys. My son is 31 and daughter is 28 and I have all their toys in there. I think I have all the hot wheels ever made in the early 80’s. I’ll have to find a use for those some day.

  114. omg…those doll pictures cracked me up 🙂 and thanks for what you wrote about the 4×6 it all rings so true for me…

    thanks for the chance to win some goodies 🙂

  115. I love Basic Grey! I’d love to add to my stash!
    I’d love to win! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  116. Girl you are too funny. I love it. You have fun girl, never let your inner child die. Julie

  117. Love the barbie and scissors pic, way too funny!
    I’m in for the 10 lb.ers, I’m local…save shipping! Hee hee hee.
    I’ll see you at the crop on Sept 11th!

  118. Love your green monster, your humorous blogpost, love to read this since I take some classes from you, like how you still play, like the chance to win, but not living in the USA.

  119. This entry TOTALLY cracked me up ! So random – bought a much needed smile to me… Not living in the USA.

  120. I love this post! Your humor hits a note with me. I feel creative suddenly…

    Would love to add to my stash!


  121. Thanks for the chance to win! New goodies are always welcome!
    Unfortunately I can’t enter for the 2 BIG boxes, since I’m from Canada, but anything else would be lovely.

  122. Love your crazy humor! My stash always needs an addition!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Hello May.
    Kiwi chick here that would LOVE to be in with a chance to win some goodies 🙂 I have a prince charming that buys me lots of scrappy goodness but as we just got engaged we are trying to save $ for the wedding. I would love some new supplies (trust me, everything would be new to me!)
    Lots of hugs and giggles,

  124. Loved the pics. Very funny. I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance.


    P.S. I took Camp Scrap with you and am signed up for Use Your Stash. Can’t wait!

  125. Took Camp Scrap and just made my way over here. What a great blog–I’ll definitely be visiting a lot. Love the use of toys. Think I will run off to raid my daughters’ toy boxes for craft decorations. 😉

  126. Heard Nancy Nally say once on PRT that you were a crack up and now I see she’s absolutely right! Too funny!

  127. I love how you make a game out of cleaning up your room – maybe I’ll try that as I get ready for you class!

  128. I have just discovered that I have the ability to clear and tidy my stash so your blog entry resonated well with me. I now have a tidy and what’s more organised, room that I can add to and more to the point, find things in… so scrapbooking can at last proceed with more creativity. Hurrah! I had to laugh at your toys, as I too seem to have a ‘stash’ of them in similar stages of repair… and my daughter is 21 and just moved out! I just can’t seem to divest myself of them. Sadly I won’t be in line for one of the big boxes (I live in the UK) but would love an envelope to drop through the door some time. Thanks for providing such an entertaining blog… loved your comments about Glee!

  129. Thanks for sharing your silliness and for the opportunity to win stuff! Woohoo – how cool would that be?!?! Thanks.

  130. Looks like an ad for Project Runway! Where’s the Piperlime wall? Tim would love it . . .

  131. My kids always leave toys in my craft space…maybe I should come up with some of these creative ways to use them and entertain instead of talking under my breath so much! That would be much healthier! Fun post and give away…thanks!

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