Mondays can be so fun.

It’s all about attitude, right?! Looking for bright spots and making the most of things. Well today I didn’t even have to try because I’d arranged to meet my favorite NYC girl Kelly Purkey as well as my favorite San Francisco girl Caroline Ikeji for lunch at the ferry building. Why there? Well, let’s just say it’s a food lover’s paradise full of everything from sweets to seafood to…

Above photos of Miette where I got to have a cupcake with famed cupcake lover Kelly P, below photos of Boccalone  fine purveyors of “tasty salted pig parts” – oh yum. I brought Jason some goodness home as a treat for being so awesome and taking girls for the day.

I could go all day – such a haven for food, interesting detail to photograph, and just a great place to grab a quick bite or sit and enjoy a nice meal. We went to The Slanted Door – a restaurant Caroline has been wanting to try. SO glad we did.


It was total food bliss. Above you see my pork chop (so beyond description!) and ice milk dessert. Below we’ve got the group shot – fun fact: between us and counting camera phones we had 8 cameras at the table. (but didn’t torture waitress – only used 1 camera)

For those of you counting, yeah I had 2 desserts today. Um, that is unless you count the whoopie pie Jason brought home from Whole Foods… then I’m up to 3. Which explains why I went to ab/core killer class + will be at TRX at 630am + back around 10am for a 3rd round of gym time in 24hrs.

It is TOTALLY worth it for this caloric-heaven of a Monday.

8 thoughts on “Mondays can be so fun.”

  1. ok, your photos just made me hungry again! man, it was all sooooo delicious!

    and dude. we have to do this more often. lots more yummy places in SF to hit up! lol 🙂

  2. Yum, looks like the kind of food heaven that’s very hard to resist! And how fun to catch up with some talented scrappers!

  3. I love the Ferry Building. My husband takes the ferry to work, so he’s always bringing home bread, or cheese, or salted pork parts. Sounds like you had a good day with great friends.

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