LBD kit: August 2010

Time to share my layouts from Little Black Dress Kit club for August…

Lots of textures and “hmm, what will I do with that?” this month. Good times.

I said it once, now Elizabeth always greets our dog with “Hey Girlfriend!” Gotta love those family inside jokes. Also – important to document them!

Customized this sister paper by adding ‘little’ to it. The Prima fabric – like alphas in this kit were fun. Also loved layering lace + die cut paper…

and then there is this. Let me explain that my mom is known for her falling and/or wild adventures (she knows it’s true – and she encourages laughter about it). This is a woman that broke her arm simply turning to walk across a deck – she has a gift. Anyhow this photo was taken about 20 seconds before she attempted to get off of the sky bucket ride and tripped/fell… and took Elizabeth down with her. To this day E will tell you about it.

Since it’s a legendary family story at this point, AND I have a photo taken at nearly the moment it happened, it had to be scrapped. The how-to on this layout is featured on the LBD blog┬áthis month.

Can you tell I’ve been having a great time in my studio?! FUN!

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2 thoughts on “LBD kit: August 2010”

  1. My husband and our three yr old were on the skyride at a PA amusement park when my daughter decided she wanted to get “off” mid-flight. My husband put a death grip on her in the seat and held on until the ride ended. I snapped a picture as they came to the end and from that photo you’d never know about the “ordeal” of the ride. I just might have to scrap that one – though I think my husband is traumatized for life now. ­čÖé

    Great, timely layout!!

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