Girls’ Paperie: what’s in the box?

I love vintage. I love Christmas. I love the tinsel & twig line by the Girls’ Paperie that is making it’s debut at CHA right now. I can’t wait to have the whole line in my hands!

I sat and watched TV with Jason as I curled and formed this bow. REALLY easy- you just need a strong adhesive (Crafty Power Tape is great) and the ability to make a loop of paper, adhere, and flatten a bit.

To make the box (yes, I MADE it, didn’t just cover some other box) I drew a “T” of 3″ squares (three across, four up/down) that when folded made the box. If you do this – just be sure to leave some excess paper as “tabs” here and there. It’s easy I swear.  For now – just look at that trim. those patterns. *sigh* I LOVE this stuff!!

When I finished I said “BAM!” to Jason and he replied that he is never surprised. He clarified that what he means is, I never surprise him with the ideas that take root in my creative brain. Truly nice words… and a project I’ll be doing a TON for this Christmas!!

more projects from the girls’ paperie CHA booth to be posted all week… I hope you enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Girls’ Paperie: what’s in the box?”

  1. So cute! I’m guessing that you made large loops and adhered them in the middle of the loop to the center of the box, so that it creates 2 loops – rather than each loop being separate and adherig the end to the middle of the box. Have I got it right?

  2. No, each is separate – no double loops. That would work – I just did it the other way, and all the loops ‘meet’ in the center.

  3. I like the papers-but I fell in love with all the extra goodies-they are truly fantastic. I want them all!

  4. Super cute but I don’t think I’d ever have the patience for it! Love it! – pennyscraps

  5. I am loving this paper line, cant wait for it to be available. I have got to try this bow. I like to make my own bows for Christmas so this would be different.

  6. I love the bow which I think I could make. (I can see the box in my head, but mine would most likely be crooked.) Awesome paper line. Thank you for showing us how!!

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