Girls’ Paperie: bird house

I’m all about detail. Even though most of my scrapbooking these days is more “quick and not so hard” it doesn’t mean I don’t love to do a project that is both time consuming and requires some precision. Something where crooked just won’t cut it.

Being on the girls’ paperie design team is such an honor – and when I set out to start making projects for their CHA booth I felt overwhelmed. So, I reached for a tiny birdhouse and the adorable paper girl line and just started to play. I decided the die cut birdie needed a house…

Way too many hours, several days, and a lot of sticky fingers later I would up with this. I love it.

What I love most is that I made the time to do something creative and highly detailed just for the love of it. Nobody told me I had to spend hours on a tiny birdhouse… I just WANTED TO. And I did. And I felt good for it.

In fact, I felt more energized and inspired after taking such care and time on this. Not only do I want to make a ‘gingerbread’ house now, but I am looking to re-instate more detail back into some of my other craft endeavours as well. I need to do this more often – make something entirely because I can and because I feel like it that has no real purpose or need.

 I wish you all happy crafting.

note: all week I will be sharing my projects for the Girls’ Paperie CHA booth. I hope you enjoy each one!

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  1. I really like your birdhouse, and understand the renewed creative purpose that crafting it has given you. Gotta love those unexpected benefits!

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