UYS is the abbriviation I use when working on Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use your Stash, my new Big Picture class coming this fall.

Can I tell you a secret? I’m having a BLAST working on this!

I use everything I can think of in my stash from old flocked papers I’ve been hoarding saving to themed stickers I purchased (why do I DO that?!) and have never found use for. Pictured above is a sneak peek at a layout in week #4. I’m just wrapping up creating this class – I have about four more layouts to make + the final handout (and a bonus) to create. Know what? I can’t wait for it to start. In fact – I was so excited that I included a layout bonus ‘assignment’ in the pre-class materials.

You can find all the info here:

As far as materials needed to do this class – you can literally use any/all the stash you’ve got on hand. I do my best to show a variety of products – new and old, mixed up and used in all kinds of ways. It will be all my ‘real’ layouts from my own stash being shown, and there will be a lot of material on how to maximize your own stash and hopefully get you thinking about getting stuff used in good ways.

I’m not a “use it and reduce the stash” person – I’m more of a ‘keep things flowing and maximize what you’ve got’ person. We’re gonna have productive scrapbooking fun, that’s for sure. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment here.

I’m off to kit up stuff for my in-person class tomorrow at Scrapbook U (Fremont, CA) –

That’s the tip of the iceburg!! It’s going to be such fun. If you might be interested in a quasi-kit (the workbook I’m providing + a small embellishment kit) stay tuned. As soon as I get images, details, and pricing I’ll share here. I should have a couple available.

Happy Friday!!

6 thoughts on “UYS”

  1. Oh I wish I could go to your in person class. I’ll be signing up for Use Your Stash for sure … after we get back from our holidays think of all the pics I’ll have!

  2. I can’t wait for UYS to start. I haven’t looked at the pre-class materials yet, so I’m off to do that now!

  3. I have signed up for this class and can’t wait! I haven’t looked at the pre-class materials either. Guess I will go check them out.

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