ooh la la fancy hair…

What happens when your ultra-chic little girls decide their outfits for dinner aren’t fancy enough? When they want some extra sparkle to be super terrific fancy?

Mom turns to her craft supplies, that’s what. I used (cheap) lace ribbon that had some stretch to it to make headbands for them, then after I tied a knot I took it up another notch. I got a layered lovely flower and punched two holes (center-ish) to pull the ribbon through. Then tie it off (not too tight, but tight enough so it’ll stay…

It’s so easy – and it doesn’t ruin the flower since you wouldn’t ever see that spot where the holes were punched anyhow.

“Ooh la la fancy” is what I’m told this makes my girl. Happiness in under a minute – gotta love that.

7 thoughts on “ooh la la fancy hair…”

  1. too cool! did you make those layered flowers? Love that you take the time to do this sort of thing with your girls. So great!

  2. You are a great mum! they are too cute! What a fun idea. My 7 year old son loves to be “fancy” too. He has a beret in his dress up box and last time we went out to dinner he wore it to be fancy!

  3. Your girls are so beautiful May!!!! I love the flower headbands looks like something my little diva would love.

  4. How adorable ! Gosh, I miss those sweet innocent days !

    Gotta love a quick, easy and beautiful crafty accessory !

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