Hey there.

Us ladies were in Santa Cruz at the Boardwalk yesterday. Good times all around… this is us leaving (the mighty wooden roller coaster behind us, no we didn’t ride it).

Today? I’m in prep-ville for Camp Scrap (starts in 12hrs and counting!!). Loads more coming at you later today and all week long. In the meantime if you’d like a new summer journaling idea – check out my post on Ali’s blog. I’ll be writing down more notes myself today – as this has been one insane action packed adventure of a week.

Now I’m off to get my craft on…

4 thoughts on “6.23.2010”

  1. Just wait until your little ones beg to ride the coaster over..and over. LOL! Loved your post on Ali’s site. I heard you talking about this on paperclipping too in less detail. I’m thinking about making a little book to carry with me, though I’m torn between the little book and a makeup case of loose papers. Thank you!!

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