I pity the fool who doesn’t love movies.

I have a love/hate relationship with movies. Sometimes? Well, I feel like there’s nothing good anymore and why bother. But then I’ll hit a good movie, just one, and it reminds me why I love them so much. Two hours or so of a good story and visual entertainment is a great thing. I don’t like excessive drama (Dear, John is a film I have ZERO interest in) nor do I like horror movies. But if you live in action, comedy, or romance land… well that’s where most of my faves live. {funny, but I feel the same about fiction books!}

So imagine my delight that I’ve found THREE treasures, just this week.

Above you can see our newspaper, and the movie Jason was surprised I’d picked out to watch. Yes, today the headliner is the A-Team. I went and saw it with my friend today- she’s also a fan of fun action flicks. We went in with high hopes, and they were exceeded. We both loved this entire movie. It was FUNNY – it made fun of itself, as well as had great characters and lines. It was fast paced (no insanely drawn out fight scenes here!). It was everything we adore about good action movies. Two thumbs way, way, up. I was 100% entertained and delighted. My friend and I are hoping for a sequel.

Side note? I will SO be trying to recreate some of the cool grungy looks they had in some of the still-shots at beginning and end of movie with some digi-scrapbook stuff.

I heard the girl from Veronica Mars (great show) had a leading lady role in romantic comedy, so I added to netflix. MONTHS later, and it’s out now. When in Rome is a cute story about a work-a-holic girl who goes to Rome for her sister’s wedding and ends up getting some magical stuff happening because she steals coins from a love fountain. believable? NO. Cute & fun anyway? oh yes.

My favorite thing was the four unsuitable suitors who follow her around and act crazy. That was worth a watch on it’s own, but still overall I’d rate it a “solid romantic comedy, but not a ‘gotta buy'”

Finally, Valentine’s Day. I was hoping it’d be cool in a He’s just not that into you or Love, Actually kind of way. SO many stars and little story lines in here… it was lovely. Seriously enjoyed it and the unpredictable ways some of the stories turned and connected to one another. A very happy “one day” story, I’m glad I watched it.

Three movie scores in a row? DANG! I’m almost afraid to check anything else out now, for fear of getting a junky movie. Good thing True Blood becomes available on Netflix next week so I can catch up on season 2!!

9 thoughts on “I pity the fool who doesn’t love movies.”

  1. hey May,
    I love those same types of movies. So glad to hear your review about the A-team. Grew up with it and wanted to see it which seemed to surprise my husband. Anyways excited about scrap camp next week. See you then. If this weather in Saskatchewan Canada continues it will be too wet to do anything but scrap all summer.

  2. I am SO with you on the movies. No overly dramatic stuff. I like to go to movies to be entertained and to escape not to walk out depressed. lol

    going to see the A-Team tonight, at least I hope. My date has jury duty, so we’ll see.

  3. We loved the A-Team movie!!! I also just saw Letters to Juliette and loved it- the Italian countryside was beautiful.

  4. Ooh! I can’t wait for True Blood Season 2 either! 🙂 And I’m glad to know someone else who is a Veronica Mars fan! I miss that show.

  5. I am in complete agreement on the bottom 2 as i haven’t seen the A Team yet but its on the list for next week… theatres should be quieter next week as the 12yr olds are waiting for Eclipse.
    (ssshh… I of course will be seeing it as well – but i am WAY TOO COOL to see it in the 1st week it opens. 🙂
    Also excellent note on True Blood – what happened to season 2; i remember season one ending – life carried on – and then they were announcing the start of season 3 – was i asleep for the last year – what the heck?
    oh well, this is how i support the economy…thru netflix…

    Chat later My Friend and See you at Camp!!!
    (PS typed in may flaum in google cuz i couldn’t remember your Blog title and what you were confessing… aahh Chocolate…how could i forget… and HERE’S the big news. MAYFLAUM.com came up FIRST on the search NOT your old URL with wordpress -simply mf.com….hhmmm, Nancy may have been on to something…wink wink)

  6. Thanks for the great review. I really want to see ATeam too. Saw SATC2 last week and really enjoyed it!

  7. Thank you for the movie reviews. I’m always torn about whether we should spend the money to see a movie, and your choices speak to me.

    Is it just me or are the two ads just perfect scrapbook pages? LOVE them!!

    PS – Listening (right now) round table. You have changed my way of thinking about the birthdays etc…I never thought to look at what is different, but I’m going to.

  8. Great reviews! I’ve had my eyes on these for awhile – adding them to my Blockbuster list right now.

    And after hearing your rave about the A team I think I’ll watch it now 🙂

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