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A while back I posted about all the possibilities you could enjoy with five minutes of dedicated creative time. Today, amid an insane (even for a Monday) schedule I took a few minutes to play with some goodies.

Tag, canvas flowers, and paper is by Jillibean-Soup (a personal fave company -so much kraft love!); ruler ribbon is by the girls’ paperie (another fave!) Oh, and both are friends of Camp Scrap… so you can look for give-aways from them in class! Just a fun tag that is now ready to go onto my next girly page.

My tools used – you can see I just punched out a scallop circle and crudely cut into it in a swirl until I reached the middle. To make the flower I just held down the center and twirled it around until I liked the look. Quick, easy, cute!

Can I even tell you how much I LOVE these Jillibean-Soup goodies? I don’t think I can. The typed on flowers and tags as well as this particular gingham paper are just total faves.

 Now I must go back into here… and yes I’m showing you a horrendously hideous picture. I have been keeping this “clean the studio” thing real. It’s documented at it’s worst as well as best. Ok, actually not at very worst because at one point I got stuck in the closet and couldn’t get to camera and had to clean/dig my way out and when I did it looked as it does below.

Want to know a secret? I’ll be posting “organization fun” all next week starting on May 31. Some fun ideas, some helpful hints, no perfect studios or professionally decorated/put together stuff though. If you want jaw-dropping beauty and to turn green in envy, I suggest you look at Kendra’s blog. I love her dearly, except I am jealous of her and her beautiful space just a teeny bit right now. I wish I had her vintage goddess-ness.

If you’d like some incredibly inspiring video on storing stuff by color (and just the eye candy that is Stacy’s home studio) then check out Stacy’s blog. I linked up to the page that has all her color posts that I’m so LOVING! 

For now, I’ve enjoyed my creative break (and warming myself up to new ideas!) and I’m back to the cleaning/sorting/re-organizing grind. This week is PACKED with stuff, I’ll be here daily to check in with you, watch for a prize coming up very soon…

11 thoughts on “10 minute creative: tag”

  1. Oh May! You crack me up, especially the crime tape on the door! Thinkin’ though that you are going to find some pretty fun stuff in those boxes up top that you had forgot all about 🙂
    By the way-got my “Girls Papery” stuff in the mail today….oh my…can’t wait for camp girlfriend 🙂

  2. Great tag. I’ll have to try it this weekend when we’re off from school. I am so ready for camp. It starts on my next to the last day of school. I’m a teacher, can you tell I’m ready for vacation! I think I need some of that tape for my crime, I mean craft room also!

  3. Kendra’s room is beautiful! {and I agree, the crime scene tape in your room is too funny!}

  4. Those canvas flowers are gorgeous and I’m in love with Jillibean Soup’s Egg Drop Soup line. Gingham is so pretty and springy. I wish my (only) local store carried it. (Michael’s)

    I love the warning tape on the door to the closet — ha, ha, ha — too funny!

    My den is sort of crazy messy right now because I have all my daughter’s school papers stacked up in piles from this year (kindergarten) and last year (Pre-K). I know I can’t keep it all, that we don’t need every piece of paper to represent her school years, but have to just buckle down and sort it out semi-ruthlessly.

    I’m so excited — I just signed up for Camp Scrap!!!!! The name of the class makes it even more fun. I just told a co-worker I signed up for scrapbooking camp. 🙂

  5. Hooray! Can’t wait for camp and thrilled you’re joining me.

    As for school stuff… almost all of E’s preschool stuff is recycled, not kept. We have one wall in garage that is “art wall” and everything she does goes there. But workbook pages and such – I have her write in my scrapbook (her name, etc) and then I don’t keep the rest. Bad mom? Not sure, but I just can’t handle all the clutter!! (I’m bad enough as is!)

    http://www.scrapbook.com has the Jillibean – that’s where I usually shop when my store (also M’s) doesn’t have what I want…

  6. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yes, I think I’ll definitely have to place a scrapbook.com order soon to satisfy my passion for delectable patterned paper. I sometimes find good stuff at Michael’s but they refresh their stock so seldom (at least at mine) that it drives me to buy online. But Hobby Lobby is coming soon, so maybe that will help!

    Re: school stuff — you are smart to handle the papers the way you are. If I was honest with myself, I’d realize that I wouldn’t be interested in a giant binder full of my own 5-year-old creations at this point in my life. But a few things would be fun. I think I may keep her “journals” that show the progression of her drawing and writing over the year and get rid of the rest. I take pictures of her artwork so we can get rid of them when they come down from our gallery wall (a hallway inside the house).

  7. I saw a bunch of hits on my blog from yours and came over to check out what’s going on today. Thank you, May!

    There are days I could use some of that tape. Did you notice I mentioned my closet but never showed photos of what’s behind it?

    Love your scalloped flowers! First time I’ve seen them done with anything other than a smooth-edged circle.

  8. May!! Those flowers are yummy!! I will need some of those organizational tips you’re talking about because even though I have a new spot for my art room (since December last year), somehow, I still have things in other rooms of my house… I need help!

  9. Now that’s a scary photo LOL – thanks for keeping it real. Looking forward to your organization posts; I’m in pretty good shape, but always looking for better ways to do it.

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