5 1/2 weeks to Camp Scrap!

Guess what? Just 5 1/2 weeks until Camp Scrap starts! I’m so excited for this class – there is just so much that went into it, and I can’t wait to share the experience of it with students. I am excited about the 1-on-1 video calls (via Skype) I’ll be doing with any students interested, the inspiration, the encouragement to scrap without guilt, the chats, the prizes, the fun… just everything!! 

If you have any questions or want to know more about class please feel free to leave a comment here or e-mail me mflaum @ comcast . net with your question – nothing is too small or silly – I’m always happy to help!

Here’s a peek at one of the layouts:

I love every single bit & piece that went into this class, and I’m grateful to the awesome companies that are friends of camp. What does that mean? Well it means that you’ll see some of their product featured in class AND you’re going to have a chance at a give-away from them! Cool, I know. In fact I have a very drool-worthy package of Botanique from American Crafts that one Camp Scrapper will win. That’s right – American Crafts is in!

This layout has nothing to do with Camp Scrap, except it does feature American Crafts goodies (these products are mostly Dear Lizzy – I used Botanique in class). I love the fabric paper from this line, and the felt goodies + my favorite thickers + glitter buttons = a quick but fun page.

I really wanted to document the ear infection – it’s the first either of our kids ever had and was a pretty big deal. She was mega sick over it! But I love that I could still make the memory pretty – and using pen (instead of stitching) to accent meant I kept it quick too.  

5 weeks until Camp starts, and I can hardly stand the wait. I hope you’re thinking about joining in!! Stay tuned to my blog for more info & updates as it draws closer. I’ll be sharing a lot of layouts (blog exclusives!) inspired by camp and also featuring companies that are sponsoring give-aways during the class. So much BIG fun to come…


14 thoughts on “5 1/2 weeks to Camp Scrap!”

  1. So excited about this! I will be one of your campers! I am counting the days down with you!!

  2. I decided to just go for it and sign up for class. I have allready done the pre-class layout, it turned out really cool if I do say so myself.

  3. Whoot! Whoot! Can’t wait May…that also means 5 1/2 weeks till schools out 🙂

  4. I can’t wait! I will be a camper for sure and really want to work out the time difference so I can Skype chat with you .. just waiting for my CC cycle to click over so it gives me longer to pay!

  5. Can’t wait for Camp Scrap!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to camp ;o)

  6. There will be times in the morning, afternoon, and evening (my time)… so I think you’ll be able to find something that works. I will also offer some ‘appointment’ times too.

    So excited you’ll be joining in!

  7. I’m sooo excited! I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class!!! I’ve been pondering, and pondering, and I did it! YAY!!!! I can’t wait!

  8. Lovely layouts, good luck with Scrap Camp. I’ve actually been eyeballin’ it. Sorry to hear about her ear infection… we’re not a stranger to those unfortunately.

  9. Curious if the sketches will be for double or single page LOs. I mostly do double so that is why I am asking – think I will sign up either way but would like to know before I do – thanks.

  10. Great question! The weekly sketch will be a two page (multi-photo) offering, and I do my own version (layout) as well.

    Many of the other layouts are single page (but multi-photo), but there will be other double pagers as well. 🙂


  11. You said weekly sketch aren’t there daily sketches or did I misread it. I thought it said something about 20 sketches – just want to know what I am getting into before I sign up for it – Thanks so much.

  12. I just reread your comment and realized I misinterpreted it so there is a weekly 2 page and then others that are 1 page. No problem.

  13. Friday is sketch day. There is 1 sketch each week that i work from. Other days are other inspiration/starting points. There are 20 layouts total in class.

    I’ll be doing a post later this week with some more camp info. I’m always happy to answer questions!

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