Happy NSD!

National Scrapbook Day is May 1 {aka May Day, aka MY day} this year and I will be home enjoying quiet time. Long story short – we had plans (not craft related) that fell through and I found myself too late to jump into a crop or anything locally so I’ll enjoy time at home. Probably some extra blogging. Definitely some scrapbook time.

I found this layout as I work on organizing and putting more layouts into albums. I have a lot of pages that need homes still – sad, I know. Anyhow, I found this page, it made me smile, and I wanted to share.

Bottom line? My real focus is photo + story + fun of creating a scrapbook. This page was made 3 years ago, but it could have been today- it feels true to me. In going through my layouts and looking at the snippets of my life I’m inspired and encouraged more than ever. It really doesn’t matter if I get every minute detail down. Who cares what brand I choose to use or if my color combo is fancy.

It only matters that I do something.

Happy Crafting –

7 thoughts on “Happy NSD!”

  1. Enjoy YOUR day May!

    Hope it is a good one.

    Stay true to yourself and have fun with your crafts.

    For the record, I am drawn to bold fancy colours so your pages always catch my eye.


  2. Happy May Day! 🙂 We’d all be more than happy to “crop” with you from distance. 😉

  3. Happy NSD! Cute page, I’m glad you shared it. I’m curious, you mentioned finding homes for those piles of layouts. Do you have a system for your albums? (I have one I quite like, but always like to hear what others do.)
    Enjoy your unexpected free time!

  4. Amen, sistah! Just do it! I plan on getting scrappy later today. Happy NSD to all of us!

  5. Hope you’re having a great National Scrapbook Day May! I’m giving myself a little gift for this special day and signing up for Camp Scrap! 🙂

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