Week in the (flaum) life

I love Ali Edwards ‘week in the life’ concept, and I’ve been counting down and wondering how I could make it my own.

You see, while I LOVE this concept, making a whole album for 1 week isn’t appealing to me on a personal level. It’s like wildly patterned dresses – I LOVE the idea of them, love them on other people, but on me they don’t ever quite work when I get them on. Same with this project – I adore seeing people’s week in the life ideas and full albums but I don’t actually want a whole album of my own.

Does this mean I need to force myself to do it? Heck no!!!

I’m just going to work out my own way of making it work. I think I will do a 2 or 4 page layout (12×12) spread and summarize more than detail each individual day. I’m not sure what product I will use, I think I will get through the week, print the pics, and then decide.

In any event – I’m grateful Ali does this and shares so openly. Encouraging & inspiring are always good things in my book!! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with – you can check it all out at www.aliedwards.com

Are you doing it? I’d love to see if you do. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Week in the (flaum) life”

  1. I’d love to think that I will do it .. but realistically I won’t! Not to say I won’t do it some other stage but I have too many unfinished projects going on to start another one! I haven’t finished all the LOs from Ali’s BPS class last year yet!

  2. I’ve done something similar to this back in the days of the original fiskateers when Stephanie had a daily life challenge. I’ve tried to do it again but it never quite fits me so I’ve done a few mini’s that are more monthly or seasonal. I’m tempted to attempt this now but I am way too busy to commit to something on this scale. I do like the idea of the 2-pg layout. Do-able!

  3. May, I couldn’t help but say “Yup, way I feel about this, too” as I read this. Sounds like a great idea but documenting so many details daily over the course of a week seems just too much and so not me. But, I do want to document some of the details of my life. I did a BPS class with Gretchen Schmidt that documented 28 days of ordinary things at home. It was very meaningful and I love to look back on those photos. It was also very doable. It would be fun to go back and do the same photos and compare them. Your idea of just some LO’s for the project sounds great, too. If I did a lot of details I’s do Lonely’s” approach. Day seems ever so much more manageable.

  4. I’m with you all… a great idea but not as doable for me as Ali’s version. I am taking pics everyday this week and jotting down events, thoughts. I plan to use a 2-up photo album to slide photos, thoughts, etc. in. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

  5. I like the concept, but don’t see myself doing this anytime soon. My problem is not that I don’t want to document the little details, but more that I don’t want to leave anything out. Why is THIS week more worthy than last week or next week? What if THIS week turns out to be atypical?? Now I haven’t documented a typical week! Am I “allowed” to manipulate THIS week to make it more typical? Or more exciting? I end up spiraling in my head whenever I think about doing a project like this.

  6. I am planning on doing this and hope to see it through. This will be my first year doing it and right now I am really excited about it! I will link you to mine when I am done!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  7. I’m with you and most of the others on this post. I love the concept and I am starting it (took my camera with me today) but I don’t know when I will finish an album of this week. The idea of doing a layout or two of the week seems much more realistic of where my life is right now.

    And I am not being a downer of others who can do it. I love seeing others WITL albums. Great concept and I am excited to see what other gals do.

  8. This is where you take a deep breath, and shut your brain down just a bit. 🙂

    I know EXACTLY what you mean, which is why I feel better about (for me) doing it the “1-2 spreads” way, and also I like to do “day in the life” layouts now and then. I don’t modify or edit my life to fit the scrapbook – that doesn’t feel authentic to me – but I do think timing can be everything as far as “good” weeks to do or not do this.

  9. Well I am going to try it- This past month I found out that what I thought was my dream position that I would do until I retire, was cut because of educational budget cuts. So at 49 years old-27 years into my teaching career-I will be going back into the classroom.

    All that to say, I really need to focus on my ordinary, everyday life, and feel gratitude for it. I feel as though so much is slipping by without my notice right now and I am wanting some control back. Perhaps this is a way that I can achieve that. Your words in your later blog May were perfect, because bottom line-this can look however I want it to, so that it works for me.

    You can come and follow if you desire to…

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