my kind of taxes.

We got this from the accountant last month when they finished our taxes…

I ate it and rejoiced in the good milk chocolate + being done with taxes early.

10 thoughts on “my kind of taxes.”

  1. As a former CPA who hated doing taxes, I have to say, that chocolate might make taxes almost palatable if anything can!

  2. Too funny. You can tell I am a stamper because my first thought was ‘why is the print not backwards?’ I thought it was an unmounted stamp…that doesn’t taste nearly as good as chocolate.

  3. This is unrelated to your chocolate photo… (although I really love it)…I wanted to compliment you on a recent layout that you did. I saw it on Ali Edwards site. Its the one with the Tim Holtz film strip, which I thought looked really great. Would it offend you if I scraplifted some of the layout? Just wondering. 🙂

  4. Absolutely Jenny! If I can just ask you to make sure & let me know when it’s done and posted so I can see too!! 🙂


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