Happy Craft Month!

It’s National Craft Month, though it seems it’s more of an international friends as I see crafty friends from all over joining in and putting a focus on crafting this month. Whatever the cause – gotta love an emphasis on all things crafty. This last weekend, though I had great intentions, not much got created. We were busy…

I overheard a mom telling her child that she couldn’t mix/match the things she wanted onto her cake. Me? I said “It’s your cake E. I’ll stick whatever you want on there.” To me it’s important to enjoy each moment and not get caught up in perfection. While this cake made my inner artist scream in pain, it was beautiful and perfect because it (coldstone ice cream cake) was exactly what she ordered, down to the last embellishment added by us.

Then of course there was the after party. Two sisters cuddling and watching a new Scooby Doo movie in mom’s studio. While I worked on my March Scarlet Lime kit…

My projects will be revealed soon as the kits are – so stay tuned! For now I’m off to answer more questions over at my BPS class (which is SO fun – still a few days to join if you like!) and then see if I can get back into a creative groove. I want to do some special things in March for craft month – just trying to decide what… suggestions on what you’d like to see welcome!!

PS – Congrats to Ami Pilon for winning the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad!! E-mail me mflaum @ comcast.net to claim your prize!!

15 thoughts on “Happy Craft Month!”

  1. Tell Ms. E that I LOVE her cake design. As you note, May, it is a cake very clearly an expression of her delightful youthful personality.
    The photo of the girls is priceless.
    I’ve started the class and hope to get more into it this week. Only time to watch the first half of the video but already thinking about words and titles!

  2. I hope Miss E’s party was as delightful as that cake! Those Scarlet Lime colours are so me – guess I need to check out this month’s kit!

  3. Happy Birthday Miss E. ! Love the cake!

    I have a suggestion – how about a blog hop with your faithful readers 🙂 You could share a project and your blog reader can share their take using Mr. Linky

    Love the sneak peaks btw. Looks great!

  4. You are a good Mom May of course they can put what ever they want on their cake. ..

    Love you peak of the Scarlet Lime kit is so wonderful. . .

  5. What a sweet photo of the 2 girls watching the movie together.
    I’m with you. The birthday girl should have her cake anyway she wants it.

  6. the photo of the girls together is absolutely precious. i can’t wait to see it in a layout.

  7. I was thinking the exact same thing as Ang….can’t wait to see that priceless picture of the girls in a layout! My scarlet lime kit will ship out this week-can’t wait to get my hands on it! I am still obsessed with these different paper flowers that I am seeing pop up everywhere…maybe some “how-to”s on those!

  8. My 5 year old would say that cake is perfect! She is a scooby doo fan too. Love the picture of your girls! Your youngest is growing so fast!

  9. That cake looks fantastic! DS for his 7th b/day last year wanted a green slime cake – so we did it! Looked disgusting but that’s what he wanted!

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