There’s excitement all around the Flaum house. I’m wrapping gifts up & getting ready for the “snow white colors” princess party on Saturday. The girl insists on RED for her princess party, but does not want it valentine or patriotic looking. So we’re doing red with white, blues, and yellows. AKA colors Snow White wears. It’s a challenge – but fun. I’m getting decorations up today because I figured – why not? Let’s enjoy festive streamers for a week!

I’m thrilled my challenge is a party and not to re-birth this sucker. She took her sweet time. I will never forget standing in the hospital when my water broke and having the nurse tell me to go away and come back later that night or even the next morning because I was nowhere near labor. I was dumbstruck. I got the water to break (woo hoo), so baby was coming, but I had to go home?

I cried. Man I was so over being 9months pregnant.

Jason yelled at nurse when we came back that night and told her he was not taking me home without a baby. That if they tried he’d run and leave and they’d be stuck with me till they got the baby out. Gotta love a man who will yell at a nurse on your behalf. The nurse checked me, whadda ya know I was already towards end of labor, and all went well in the end.

Anyhow, it’s been 5 amazing years and she gets to have anything she wants. No, really. I have a tinkerbell pinata in my garage, we’re going to the cowboy restaurant for dinner (aka Cattlemen’s steakhouse), and I’m meeting everything she can think of with a smile. It’s FUN to say yes & go with it. Gotta love good times.

PS- I’m also VERY excited because in just a few hours guess what? We’re GOING HYBRID!! That’s right, Big Picture class is starting. There’s still a few days left to register so hop on over & check it out! IF you’re already in class – well I will see you over there! I’m setting alarm for 430am so I can get right into it!!


10 thoughts on “Excitement.”

  1. How sweet for your daughter! Mine just turned 10 on Tuesday and in our house the birthday thing lasts pretty much the entire month of February 🙂 Have fun!

  2. That sounds like too much fun! I raised a son, so missed out on the girl stuff. But I’m not complaining.

    p.s. I can hardly wait for class to start. I’m loving how you keep showing how easy it is to do stuff in Word. Cracking up about setting your alarm. I know here in Michigan, I could get the start of class at 3a.m. (I think), but I’m trying to sleep through until morning. Not sure I’ll make it, though.

  3. Sounds like she is going to have a great birthday party! I can’t wait for class to start tomorrow!

  4. Ha Ha I love it.. I remember my youngest daughters 5th BD party (Oh my, almost 18 yrs ago!!) To me, 5 was like a turning of some kind, kinda like a 1st birthday. We had a circus theme with 25 kids and I made hats and neck ruffles for all. Between the helium tank and the crepe paper streamers making the dining room look like a big top when I look back..it really was a circus!!!!! Have fun with the little princess. You truly only get these memories once!

  5. Happy birthday! How fun!! I’m getting ready for my twins 4th b-day and they really want their little friends from preschool, and I think what are the odds all the kiddies will show right? The trick is my girl wants hello kitty and my boy wants monster trucks and. So, I’m doing both! I found on Rhonna F’s blog these very large cool pom pom type things made with coffee filters that I’m thinking of trying that you might have fun with! Now I need to figure out how to make a pinata of hello kitty and monster trucks….

  6. How fun! With 3 grandsons, as you can imagine we never have princess parties; maybe I should throw one for their mother this summer, LOL. Wishing your lovely miss a very happy birthday!

    Just read through the first lesson. My Muse wants to play with ink and stamps for a bit, but I’m sure I’ll be back on the ‘puter in a couple hours.

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter just turned 5 on the 23rd. We’re also having her party this Saturday. Nothing big. Just family and a few close friends. Should be fun. She wanted Scooby Doo this year.

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