Oh my darling I…

can’t get enough of these snacks (oh baby).

Do you care to know what I eat while I’m getting my creative groove on? I have no idea but I am going to share anyhow, after all I already took the photo…

See’s milk chocolate drops. Think BIG & creamy chocolate chips. So awesome. They don’t have them 0n-line that I can find, but they’re in stores. SO so simple & good. Just a few go a long way.

Chex Mix. Has to be from store in package. No, I can’t make it myself it’s just not the same. ONLY the ‘regular’ kind too. Nothing else does it for me. Fun fact: the girls eat all the pretzels out of the mix, I eat the rest.

Darrell Lea liquorice. The package says it’s an Australian treat. I don’t know where I got it. I’veĀ  had green apple & strawberry flavors. Like nothing I’ve ever had… it’s AMAZING. Another new favorite from the land down under.


Thing is, I should probably not keep any of these things in the house… if I ever want to get rid of the ‘fanny pack ‘o fat’ I’ve been sporting since E was born, that is. Oh yes, I ration out my alloted amount (see above) but still. I should chomp on a few carrot sticks and drink unsweetened green tea or something.

(watch for flying pigs and creative slumps if that ever actually happens!!)

PS – I’ve got a new layout + guest blog post over at the Big Picture blog today!

5 thoughts on “Oh my darling I…”

  1. that licorice looks really good. I’ve pretty much only had Twizzler’s. Wonder if I can find that here in the south somewhere

  2. May, did you know that they now have the Chex mix seasoning in a little package. So all you have to add is the cereal and butter/margarine. I never used to make it myself either because it didn’t come out as good, but now I can. I think I made 4 different batches during the holidays. Very addictive.

  3. This is so funny to me…my snack bowl looks almost exactly the same! I am in love with Chex Mix and could eat it by the bagful. My other favs in the bowl are red vines (cut into small pieces), M&Ms and gummy bears. Not exactly a bowl of health, but it’s a nice diversion from my air popped popcorn!

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