A week of love.

Valentine’s Day is one week away. What the what?!?! How did that happen?

Well my house may not have decorations, and I might not have the class Valentines done, but I am going to embrace all things hearts and love this week.

First up we baked our Valentine cupcakes. I found these heart shaped liners at target – LOVE! We made some for our firefighter friends + other specal friends as well. I just used the seasonal cake mix + coordinating frosting so it was fast and easy.

I believe in focusing on LOVE in general – not just romantic for this holiday. That’s how I was raised and how I continue to celebrate as well. I don’t do pricey gifts or expensive dinners. No, instead love all around is the focus and I hope to bring you some inspiration of all kinds this week here on the blog.

Happy love week!

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