May’s lunch.

I don’t like mustard. Or onions. Yet I’ve come to appreciate both on my turkey sandwiches in the last few months. *kapow*  that’s the sound of my mind being blown. This sandwich that I’m sharing is my ideal lunch (except the bread pictured – not ideal). You can make it cold, but warm is much better. Here’s what you need to gather:

Turkey, cheese (I like havarti or sharp cheddar), avocado, lettuce (butter is best), grilled onions, deli mustard (grilled onto 1 side of bread), dill pickle, and some sourdough, french bread, or a nice crusty roll of some kind

Cucumber, bacon, and tomato have all made appearances on my sandwich, but the stuff listed above is crucial. I load up on turkey (low cal/fat) and lettuce. Skimp on the high cal stuff by just using small amounts and enjoy. You so do NOT need mayo for this. LET IT GO. So just get out a nice skillet and grill the bread (with mustard on the one piece! it’s so good that way!) along with the onions. Then stick the cheese & turkey on (open face) and broil until hot. Then add your veggies and enjoy.

It’s so good. It really is best with a crusty roll that’s soft & squishy on inside – not too dense a bread like the one I’m having in the photo.

It’s pure comfort lunch, and I can make it sized to fit my diet too. It’s rare to get that much flavor & fun without blowing my calorie intake for the day. If you make one – enjoy.

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  1. I made a version of this today. I’m not a mustard fan but grilled it one side of the bread and it’s very yummy! I also grilled some onions at the same time … I don’t usually eat onions unless cooked (raw = tummy ache) but grilled they were sweet. I used turkey and pepperjack cheese and I didn’t have any lettuce or tomatoes. But it was good …. definitely easy and yummy …. thanks!

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