CHA: Day 2

Day #2 started by going to sleep technically (it was about 1am) and ended with this-

Watching the famous Paperclipping Roundtable get taped live in Noell & Izzy’s hotel room. There were about eight of us on the bed watching them tape it – it was so fun to watch, listen, and of course just spend time with these ladies!

Now let me go back and start at the beginning…

Throughout the day I had appointments, walked the floor, and snapped lots of product photos. There are opportunities I’m excited about, things I hope work out, and SO much product I adored. Seriously one of the stronger shows I’ve ever been to. I also saw a more “we’re here because we love it” type labor of love attitude. It was infectious and I came home happy and brain full of ideas buzzing so loud I could  barely sleep. Today as I edit photos there is one BIG bummer: I am finding that I plum forgot to take photos with a LOT of people. BUMMER!  But I did get some- like this shot with Stacy, Margie, and Tami taken in the Girls’ Paperie booth.

I heard somebody say Scarlet Lime behind me and I spun around – if Christy was there I had to grab her for a picture!! It was her, and I was so glad to finally get to meet her after knowing her for so long. She is just as cute and sweet as you’d expect.

I was in the Webster’s Pages booth at the time. A booth that really let the product speak for itself. No fancy decor or samples galore – something I didn’t even notice until I got home. Here’s the booth-

You can read more about my picks from there at – now back to people. One of my favorite people, and one heck of a great example for how to lead a happy life is Stacy Julian. I am so glad I got to spend more time with her this show and soak up some of her brilliant positive energy.

There is a rule at CHA – make all plans flexible. You think I’m kidding but stuff comes up. New meetings. Unexpected opportunities. So much more. Crystal Rieger (soul sister and my verbal twin) and I were supposed to have dinner but had to settle for a few quick moments together.

The day truly ended with feet up, pj pants on chatting with Nancy and Helen (who had the room next to mine) about all kinds of things. Even when you’re back in your room before 9pm, it’s still impossible to go to sleep when you’re SO wound up on all that’s going on and the good things in the works. I loved having those two in the next room and being able to peek my head in the connecting door to say  hey & chat in comfort of my own room.

{stay tuned for day 3…}

6 thoughts on “CHA: Day 2”

  1. Love your photos and comments, and am thrilled to hear your positive thoughts about the show overall. I, too, from the sneaks I’ve seen, had the impression that it’s a stronger release than we’ve seen in a bit.

  2. How fun to see that picture of us! Thanks for coming to the recording and thanks for posting this. It was nice to meet you in person. 🙂

  3. Great pics! You did manage to get some with Stacy and Christy so that’s good! The Paperclipping Roundtable sounds like a lot of fun!

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