hand cut titles: start with word art

I’m a big fan of hand-cut titles (though I don’t do them tons, I think they’re fun!) and today I want to show you one way I get mine done. I *love* word art and using Microsoft Word for my scrapbooking.

First, open a Word document and insert>picture>wordart. When this menu comes up-

Then click on the one you want (see I’ve highlighted the third from top left? that’s the one I like or the very first ‘outline’ one works too) and click ok. This will happen- and you write up your text + choose font. (don’t worry too much about size)

French Script ROCKS for hand cut titles. Anyhow, when you’re satisfied click ok.

Your word art is in your document! Hooray! Now fiddle around with the toolbar that pops up. Change orientation to ‘tight’ (this allows you to move it all over) and also fix it so it’s not all curved like mine. (see below)

The next step is to turn your text backwards. Put your mouse over the circle that’s in the center of the left side of the text and ‘pull’ that dot until it crosses over the right side thus making the text… you guessed it… BACKWARDS!

Now what? Well size it as desired!

Since I’m printing backwards (just to cut it out) I went back into the formatting and changed fill to ‘nofill’ so it’s just outline.

I’m ready to print! First print on white regular printer paper. This will let you know where it is printing. Then tape a scrap of patterned paper over the printed area (allow some excess) and print again. IMPORTANT: Put the front side down! You want to print on the back of the paper.

Now not to go all “to be continued” on you… but yes that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Stay tuned for the www.scarletlime.com January reveal to see the finished page.


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5 thoughts on “hand cut titles: start with word art”

  1. As soon as I get home I’m putting my precious Christmas money to good use and purchasing your class! Oh! I also got your book for Christmas from my brother…so happy!

  2. I’m really interested in your class … have done a few of your previous ones and really liked them. Can you say how many LOs we’ll be doing each week?

  3. Since you’ve taken a few of my previous classes you know that I like to share several that tie in giving you multiple sources of inspiration. I have 1 small assignment each week for you guys, I encourage you to play with the digital portion of the lesson/product we’re trying, and I show at least 3 layouts (with full instruction/tips) each week. Some weeks have a few more, and there are some bonuses as well!

    I hope you join us – and if you have more questions please feel free to ask!


  4. May, thanks so very, VERY much for this cool trick. I have tried it tonight and I have to say it worked so well and was so VERY easy to do. I will definitely be doing it again !!! Re your book suggestions for Christmas I got a couple of Fancy Nancy for my 2 girls (similar age to yours) and they have gone down a treat !! What fabulous stories – nancy really makes me laugh !! I’m reading a Michelle Holman book at the moment – she’s a NZ author and is hilarious. Not sure if it’s because I “get” the humour as I come from NZ too but they are great feel good stories that make you laugh outloud. I finished her 2nd book at 1am this morning and am on her latest one – might be another late night tonight…. It also means that my reading stash is just about down 2 for 2010 – only about another 20 or so to go….

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