Bring it on Monday, I’m ready now.

Hello cherished blog readers! I’ve got a nice big “what’s up with May” post to share right now.

Today I’ve been doing Christmas cards. I could do a whole post about it but here’s the summary: I do them every November and mail them the day before Thanksgiving. It’s my way of saying “hey world, I’m ready for the season to begin!” This year, due to several wild weeks that DID NOT HAPPEN. It bothered me that I didn’t get to keep with my tradition – and my darling husband poked fun at me a few times (‘hey, haven’t you done the cards?’) AND a few people even called or wrote me to ask what was up – my card wasn’t in their mailbox Thanksgiving weekend. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!

(Deep breath) I’m like 85% done with cards now so I can say “ha ha, it’s cool it doesn’t matter” but more than I realized ever – I really, really, love having cards done before Dec.1. *anyhow* if you stop reading now because you fear I’ve gone insane I understand. Maybe I have. But I’m a fan of all things festive + traditions at the holidays and you need to know I enjoy every precious moment.

So – wanna know WHY I didn’t get the cards done on time this year and they’ll be postmarked Dec.8? Buckle up…

That’s me about 24hrs ago getting ready to host a holiday party here with the Mr.Flaum. He wanted to do a small dinner party instead of big open house. I pouted until I realized his way would be fun to try and ok so I made him promise big open house “everyone invited” can happen next year.

I did desserts & sides, he was in charge of meat & drinks. We work well together since we each enjoy different areas of cooking. (above is a before ‘prep area’ photo)

That’s probably the only good shot I got the whole party. Too busy having fun! My dear friend Kathleen did take more photos than me – so I hope to get ahold of some of hers soon to scrapbook. It was wild fun having the kids run around (watching Elf & eating cheeseburgers) while we adults had a multi-course feast. Of course the party ended too soon and looked something like this –

note: if you sit on my couch my children WILL climb right up on your lap and make themselves comfortable whether you want them to or not. Briana & Bob are cool – I don’t think they minded too much.

So – the last 72hrs or so (plus random decorating & prep hours before then) I was all wrapped up with that. Oh, but there’s more. In fact this is major reason I’ve been a lame blogger lately- 

I am developing a new Big Picture class, set to start end of February (registration opens 12.31.09!!) See, the day I got back from my trip to Washington there was an e-mail from BPS accepting my proposal and asking if I thought I could get the first portion done in time for a very quick turn-around. You know me – I said “of course!”

and then I went and freaked out privately because NO WAY could I get it done!!!

Oh but I kept a smile on my face and told everyone (husband included) that no, I wasn’t insane I could TOTALLY do this. Ladies & Gents – I am here today to let you know I faked that confidence until it became reality. I did indeed get the stuff turned in & we’re on our way! Right now I’m developing week #3… and that’s all I will tell you about class (except it’s all paper layouts – just like I always teach… and that I will use tons of cool digi AND paper product… and that you do NOT need   photoshop to join in) until registration opens. Then I’ll give you loads of peeks & fun insider info. In fact – I’ll probably do a little video about it.

Just add it to my to-do list.

Well that’s it from here – now I must go finish my Christmas cards, work on projects for fun + assignments and then go to bed. This girl? She’s TIRED.

6 thoughts on “Bring it on Monday, I’m ready now.”

  1. Oh May-What a fun read on an EARLY Monday morning! You are one busy girl…but you still have your family and friends in their right places-you inspire me 🙂 Enjoy your day-get your cards finished-and then go kiss those darling girls of yours! (okay-your husband too) Blessings, ME

  2. I totally know what you mean about sticking to traditions! My cards aren’t done either (I shoot for Dec. 1) but have been able to get my tree up right on schedule; a chaotic event involving my daughter and her family. Never mind that I totally forgot to take a single photo; still waiting to document this particular tradition!
    Hybrid scrapbooking, huh? You might have to convince me….

  3. Get some rest! You deserve it. My cards are only 75% done…so don’t feel bad. Had hoped I’d feel less nauseous over Thanksgiving and get them done…nope. I’m using this babe as my excuse! 😉

  4. Oh! And I’m saving my Christmas money (because I’m still a kid to my grandparents and get to pick my gift because I’m an adult…lol) for your class. Totally.

  5. Wow you really have been in overload!!! Love the look of that drink you had! Can I get one of those please???? Can’t wait to hear more about your class!

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