mugatu & me. inventing, creating, having a great time wish you were here!

I mean this in a positive crazy way but…

Seriously. If you could just see what’s going on around here. I’m totally inspired & working as much as I can manage – and I’ve got assignments & projects on my “must do” list to keep me very busy! It’s wonderful!! I can’t talk much yet about that, so for now let me share a few things I can reveal-

You can see a fun ornament project I made for Fiskars here –

I also just finished my first project with the super yummy Origins line from Basic Grey…

and that friends, is the very first sneak peek at my February 2010 Big Picture class that I’m working on this minute!!! More info later.

For now one more Mugatu Picture. I keep calling for Todd  Jason (my assistant who brings me foamy lattes) but he’s not around today. Something about working his real job.

Ah well, I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! I’ll be back with a give-away on Monday…

6 thoughts on “mugatu & me. inventing, creating, having a great time wish you were here!”

  1. I saw your ornament yesterday? (maybe) ..the past few days have all kind of blended together !

    It is super cute!

  2. Fabulous ornament, it will be great to look back in a few years time and see that little cutie on the tree.

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