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I love it when I get an e-mail that inspires a page. I got a note from a kits class student saying that she was going to be scrapbooking her son (in military) today & I got inspired to scrapbook a photo that I hold dear.


I’ve scrapped this photo before, and I’ll likely do it again too. It’s a tiny picture my aunt gave me when my uncle passed away (about 12 years ago now) that I keep up on a special shelf. He was a Marine, and I love the photo of me at about two and him so young and in uniform. It makes me smile and since I don’t have too many photos of my uncle I re-use the photo when I have more feelings or stories to tell. I scanned it, used photoshop to put it on a Katie Pertiet photo mask and printed it onto Claudine Hellmuth’s sticky back canvas.


Then I cut it out (used a deckle rotary blade) and pulled out my November Studio Calico kit and got to work. 


At this point of my creative process two things happened. 1. I realized I was going to need some non-kit supplies, 2. I was reminded just how much I wish my uncle had gotten to know my family. Him and Jason would have liked each other so very much. (sigh) Ah- but that’s why I scrapbook photos with my uncle. To let my kids know about this special man and to honor his memory.


Unless you’re on the kit club’s design team or for some reason obligated to use ‘the whole kit and nothing but the kit’ I see no reason to put up any creative walls. When I’m working if I’m thinking “gee wiz, wish I had some textured flowers or ribbons right about now” (or whatever) I go pull it out of my stash. WAY better to get it used than not, right?!


So I pulled out a flower, some leaves, glitter, and a bit of felt ric rac. Oh, and some bakers twine.


One of my new favorite techniques is to use a zig-zag stitch to hold down the twine. I *LOVE* doing that. I discovered this love while putting together my kits class. I’d never before done it but the twine was in a kit and I wanted to use it in that way. Don’t you love when you figure something out like that?


Just center it up – and stitch. Easy & I think it’s cute.

A special thanks to all our veterans out there – and as always those currently serving and all their families.

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  1. HE CALLED!!!!!! Got a phone call early this morning and Dave is back, safe at base camp! Now I have to go scrapbook because I am happy rather than worried (catching a pattern here?) How bout I try sewing zig-zag with some twine?

  2. I really like this layout, thanks for sharing your process. Sharon, happy to hear your good news!

  3. Two beautiful girls in your layout. The curly locks hair do is to die for is it natural? I like how you did step by step on your card bag holder. Thanks for the info, its a great gift idea.

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