fun in a pouch + winners + prize

FIRST – some PRIZE WINNERS: {e-mail me mflaum @ comcast . net to claim your prizes!}

Mary kathryn – MM vintage findings + peppermint bark
Amy E – big fall box (kit from my stash) of fun
marygail – yearbook (Studio Calico) kit

LAST CHANCE for these – I draw new winners Friday as I’ve not heard from any of you –
Halloween prize winner: Ann Abrameit
BIG box ‘o Fiskars prize: Terrie Carlson
ink, ribbon, and brads – Christina Simon

I’m so happy with this little pouch I see myself making lots of variations. Different fabrics, sizes, reasons… it was FUN.

ambag 3j

FYI – I’m just about the world’s worst sewer. So for me to say that, you can trust that it was a) easy and b) actually fun. Seriously – I’m awful at sewing but I only had to seam-rip two different times on this. Talk about a victory!

ambag 3e

You can see the whole project + instructions here:

While you’re over there you can scope out the contents of this craft inspiration to-go & you’ll learn a little secret.

{I’m giving it away right here, right now!}

Ok, I’ll put in fresh adhesive + new scissors… but yes. I made this pouch and YOU might just be the crafty friend who gets to have it! It’ll come all wrapped up pretty too. If you want it, just leave a comment here. I’ll draw a winner on 11/14.

43 thoughts on “fun in a pouch + winners + prize”

  1. What a great project! I usually pack a little scrapbooking kit with me when I travel, the pouch would be perfect for my tools and materials!

  2. Those are really cute May ! Love the swirly fabric and they would even make nice little ornament gifties to hang on the tree ! Or even as a package tie on.. cute idea!

  3. This is very very cute! I am sewing challenged, still trying to get on good terms with my machine, I might be able to do this! The sad thing is I have lots of fabric for being sewing challenged!

  4. May, your sewing skills are improving by leaps and bounds! I love seeing the fun projects you create – so much more fun than hemming jeans, LOL.

    Congrats to all the winners – May’s prizes are the best!

  5. May – I had to tell you – that looks like a treasure! Total Rebecca Sower vibe going on. And you are a good seamstress…don’t sell yourself short. Yum!

  6. Adorable project! I have a few friends who are just getting into crafting/sewing/scrapbooking…I think I will be making a couple gifts like this! Thanks for the inspiration…and that chance to win!

  7. This is so cute, love the idea that you give a gift and the packaging is a gift too! I am sewing challenged also, so this is a good project for me to try. But love that you are giving this one away, thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Your pouch is adorable! I love creating fun little crafty things and then just falling in love with them! I’m glad you are so happy with it!

  9. Oh how cute! If I had a sewing machine, I would definitely give it a try. But alas, the wrath of school has put my efforts on pause. Oh well. I still love it!

  10. This project is just my style. I also really loved the X-mas hanging you made from a box a few days ago. I am totally going to scrap lift you! thank you for sharing!

  11. Oh I love that bag and may have to TRY and make me one. I won on your blog so count me out of the drawing. I also wanted to ask you if you can tell me where I can get a pair of the skully scissors? I cannot find them anywhere!!! Thanks!!

  12. What a great idea! I love this. I REALLY want to win it because I want to use it as a template to make more for my friends. 🙂

  13. I love that little pouch & how great would that be to win somthing handmade by You Ü. Thanks for the chance.

  14. Oh May,
    I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Your beads and buttons are such a sweet touch. I would love to win it so I could copy it and make a bunch for girlfriends. 🙂

  15. What a cute pouch! Off to check out fiskars site for instructions. thanks for a chance to win.

  16. May, there is no freakin’ way you’re the world’s worst sewer, yet came up with that! (Does it strike anyone else as funny that “sewer” (as in Sew-er) and “sewer” are spelled the same?) Great job! I’d be honored to be the recipient of a May Flaum original! (But then, who wouldn’t?)

  17. Very cute! I am not the world’s best sewer either. The more straight lines that a project has, the happier I am!

  18. Anyone that stitches on beads and buttons around a cute pinked felt heart on an adorable hang-up pocket roll is a great seemstress!
    Congrats to the Lucky Winners of May’s generous Giveaways!
    Is your Mom going to break your arm for posting that picture of her looking like she’s saying “Owwwww!”?

  19. I think that project is adorable and I love the close-up. I always wondered how to attach those small beads. Very cool. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Cute little pounches! I guess this means I need to take my machine out of the box now! Ha, I think I will just wait to see if I win. Thanks May.

  21. I love the little pouch! You cannot convince me that they were easy because they are just too cute to be easy. Not only that, it is covered in beading which I love and know is not easy! So darling…hope this gem comes home to me.

  22. Beading (the way I do it) is WAY easy. Hmmm… I think I have a new subject for my next photo heavy tutorial here!

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