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I keep a list (some mental, some actually written down like it’s supposed to be) of “just for fun” layouts & craft projects I want to do. Sometimes, when I find myself with spare energy and time I do one, and sometimes I combine a few to create one project from several fun list items.

I love multi-tasking.


Yesterday I added “make Christmas layout with American Crafts Merrymint line” to my fun list. Then I noticed an e-mail about the class I’m taking from Ali, and realized I really want to get more layouts done inspired by that. I didn’t intend to put the two together, but when I found a childhood Christmas photo during my cleaning, well, I knew what to do!


What I really love about this line is that while some of it is really cute & themed, a lot of it is subtle or not actually themed at all. I love that in my holiday products because it means a) it won’t compete with my photos and b) I can use it for other stuff if I buy too much & don’t have holiday photos for it. Their ribbon makes me crazy too. I won’t tell you how much of it I’ve purchased over the years… just… well… know that I love it & use it a lot.


I was trying my hand at being a minimalist and did NOT have any of the stuff over on right side (ribbons, etc) at first. But when I placed the title up top I just couldn’t leave it alone. I’m not a ‘clean’ scrapper, I like STUFF!!! So off I went happily cutting ribbons and bits of paper. Ah, I feel much better.

The layout is just random thoughts that come to mind when I look at this photo (I’m 9, my sister & cousin 5) at my Grandparent’s house. We call them “the g’s” mostly because they (and we) always spelled it gma and gpa. Good times and happy memories for many a Christmas happened in their house for sure.


The journaling paper is a png file from Ali’s class that I’m in LOVE with. I printed out (just using Microsoft Word) a whole sheet full on kraft cardstock, and I intend to keep right on in all sizes. They’re so great for writing and I’m really enjoying that class. Telling stories = heart of my scrapbooking and it’s good to focus on that.

Have a happy Friday – and weekend!

PS-Speaking of classes- my own BPS class starts in a few days!!! I’ve got some peeks, give aways, and much more coming for you as we count down to start time beginning tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Merrymint page”

  1. Great layout. Cute photo ! I love the small print of the paper, makes it more versatile for me. Easier to use in card making .

  2. Very cute! love the way you use “stuff” always just right.
    so looking forward to your class.

  3. What a great page layout. I know what you mean about “stuff” on pages. I have a hard time myself leaving much “white space”. I am trying harder to give it a try. I TOO LOVE ribbon but the bad things is I dont always remember to use it. GREAT JOB!!!

  4. I LOVE that layout! I really wanted to take that class but found that I was just too busy this time of year. I am looking forward to your class starting! I will make the time for that one!!!

  5. Love this lo with the old picture at christmastime with your g-parents. Love that you took so much space for your journaling and that it’s written by hand. Bye Irene

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