ye olde class layout:

This was a layout in my very first Big Picture class. Aw, nostalgic feelings. My very first class was about scrapbooking with non-craft supplies. Ephemera. Memorabilia. Junk. Whatever you want to call it – I used it. I learned so much from doing that class, and each one since too.


I love looking at old pages to see things I’ve done, feelings, techniques & product I was into, just gazing at photos, and seeing how my personal style of scrapbooking has changed & evolved – as well as stayed the same. This page is SOOO 2006. (or early 07- can’t remember) Whenever it was – I’m looking forward to doing up new pages with new photos and memories when we get back from our upcoming San Diego trip with the girls. We love to stay at the Hacienda hotel (it’s a Best Western) when we’re in San Diego because we think Old Town = best spot to stay. Before the kids were born we went down there a bunch – haven’t been back in about 5 years. Time flies! 

Good times.

4 thoughts on “ye olde class layout:”

  1. That hotel looks cool! May, I totally bought Carmel Apple Sugar Daddies tonight! Now I know what you’ve been talking about! YUM!

  2. I’m sure I took that class although the exact name escapes me, but I don’t remember that layout LOL! When I read your post I was all excited to go back and revisit the lessons, but then realized I lost them all when my computer crashed last year :(. So it won’t be that simple…
    My favourite Old Town is in Santa Fe; I need to scrap more of those pictures. Have a great time in San Diego!

  3. I use to ride the carousel at Old Town as a little girl. I remember the restaurants and cool shops. But all those pretty flowers and hotel, I do not! Must go back!

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