Damask inspiration

Damask patterned stuff continues to be my favorite everything. Still my grows for new discoveries. Here’s some recent examples…


American Crafts 12×12 album.


Offray ribbon

kits_week6img 094

A Hero Arts stamp.

My love for Damask does not fade – in fact it’s growing stronger. There’s a new (to me) scrapbook company adding to my love called Lily Bee. Check these papers.




wait for it…


oh man! They rock my socks. I’ll be sharing here soon as I can things I create with it. Uh, but it’ll be a bit before you see scrapbook layouts from me here because the carpet is still soaked (and needs time to dry) in here from the leakage due to a clogged drain… and I’m trying to steer clear + my supplies are all up on the bed or work space and inaccessible. DANG IT!

So look at some damask cardstock from American Crafts instead…


feel better? I know I do. Damask relaxes & makes the world a better place – at least for me.

9 thoughts on “Damask inspiration”

  1. sorry about the wet carpet. :/ hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it’s all back to normal.
    where did you find the AC album? i fell in love when they posted those on their blog, and i’m pretty sure that i need to get one too. :]

  2. That damask cardstock looks AWESOME! Hadn’t seen it/heard about it before…I clearly need to start scrapping a little “girly”.

  3. Sorry about the leak, I feel your pain. Earlier this year I came home from a weekend away to find a leak through my dining room ceiling into a box of patterned paper and all over the various other scrappy stuff on my table – and I’m not even on the top floor of my condo building! Turns out the roofers pulled a really big boo-boo….

    I love damask too, especially the AC patterned album and textured cardstock in your post. I’m not a terribly girly girl, but it definitely works for me!

  4. I do alot of digi scrapping and I’ve been noticing the damask trend there too. LOVE the looks of the designs and papers that feature it and I find myself using them on almost every page that I make LOL.
    There’s two links to my fiskateer gallery. Now if only I could find paper like that of the non-digi type. I’m on the lookout for damask in Christmasy colors…I’m thinking that stamp would be just the thing for making my own. Thanks for the inspiration and reminding me just how much fun it is when there’s great supplies to craft with.

    Fiskateer #1485

  5. Yes, yes, yes. I love damask. I hadn’t seen ANY of that though! Great stuff, May! I know you’ll all have fun at DLand!

  6. Dang leaks we just had the friendly plumber to our house too. .. back up drain in kitchen which leads to back up drain at the washing machine. . .

    Love the Damask oh so classy will have to keep my eyes out for the card stock.

  7. I have always loved the look of damask, but have been so unsure as to how to keep it elegant. I look forward to your creations when the carpet dries, and you return from your vaycay! Have a BLAST!!!

  8. ohmydog!! i had no idear they did the embossed paper!! i think i’ve gotta have some… loved it when they came out with dotted paper… but the damask… and the cordoroy… ooooooooooooooooooooo!!

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