apparel suggestion: pumpkin patch

I saw a lot of orange wearing people yesterday, and while I get dressing in ‘theme’ for the patch, at the same time I wanted to tell people that their photos might actually be better if they’d not tried to match the pumpkins. We love the pumpkin patch. There’s a huge one in the next town that has world’s biggest corn maze. (We don’t do that part – girls are still too little)


Can you see my girls out there? This is one angle, it goes on like this in all directions far as you can see. Acres and acres of pumpkins & corn! Note if I’d dressed them in orange you wouldn’t even notice them out there.


Now I’m not a professional photographer, nor will I ever be one, I just like picture taking. The photo above is a favorite – they were so sweaty and dirty!! The photo below is self-portrait style. I love doing those with the girls just for f un. Also, loved B’s peacock blue + my green.


Have you noticed we’re not wearing orange? Or seasonal special shirts either? This is intentional. I wanted Elizabeth in a different shirt but she insisted on her guitar shirt. It still works for me – pink + brown look great with the orange, straw, and green of the patch. That’s my key – wear a color that contrasts but compliments you against the patch. NOT ORANGE!!!


My personal favorite colors to wear are green, peacock or navy blue, a deep burgundy/wine, or brown to the pumpkin patch. You’ll stand out better, the pictures will be prettier, and pretty much they work with most of your fall papers & scrapbook supplies too.

7 thoughts on “apparel suggestion: pumpkin patch”

  1. I just love that kids hair ! And what a rock star E is ! that shirt and those glasses…she rocked the look ! LOL

    Love the family photo ! We’ve yet to get to the pumpkin patch. Just back from the doctor, DD is very sick.. 103 and in bed. so it won’t be this weekend! (unless we let the boys go by themselves and that’s not fun!)

  2. haha. i just read this post after replying to your facebook thread. i love that you mentioned the same colors i was thinking about. i’m feeling totally reinforced now. :]

    love the family photo too. i wish i had one like that from my childhood. sigh.

  3. Isn’t it funny how we plan our outfits around our scrapbooking!! 🙂 No orange here for us at the orchard/pumpkin patch either… brown, burnt red, blue and pink (Brit had to wear her pink!) 😉 I am really excited to scrap them this year…

  4. Good idea — we’re going next week — I hope the clothes get to show unless it’s so cold we have to wear coats and gloves and scarves . . .
    Your photos turned out super cute . . . love the fam photo!

  5. Great color suggestions! Explains why last year’s pics look SO good (dark navy overalls) and this year’s pics are only so-so.

  6. Thanks for the tips. We are going to the pumpkin patch in a couple of weeks (waiting on newest granddaughter to be a little older-she just turned 3wks old thursday). I can not believe how big the girls are getting! LOVE THE CURLS!

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