new discovery: smooch

Have you heard of smooch? It reminds me of my liquid eye liner.


It’s ink (with pearly/metallic finish) in a bottle great for accenting stuff (like corrugated letters in pic). It’s very new to me – but based on performance of this bottle of molasses I’m ordering more from as soon as possible.

If you’ve worked with it – what do you think? Any good tips? I am just loving the applicator and how it’s like applying make up to my page. Only downside I see is frequent re-dippings… but I’ll see how that plays out and if I just need to get better at it.

8 thoughts on “new discovery: smooch”

  1. I have seen this but never tried it. It looks like something that would be fun to use!!

  2. I’ve seen it around but never used it, or Shimmerz or even Glimmer Mist! So sheltered, I am ! LOL

    ( I have used nail polish on some cards though !)

  3. I actually just bought some (ok like 6 bottles) at my LSS. They moved to a new location and was having a grand opening. They had a table set-up and demonstrations on this. You can put in on anything. Use to distress on pictures, chipboard, cardboard, silk flowers, on brads, bling, (on brads or bling it has to be heat set to dry) ANYTHING….use to outline mask (trace with it) they were using it for anything and everything. She was trying to upload a video but was having trouble. If she gets it up I will post the link for you.

  4. I have seen it but after investing in copics I can’t bring my self to get it just yet. Let me know how you like it, I am sometimes coloring challanged.

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