fall journal project

Ok, I’m hooked. I loved making this journal + sewing right onto the cover. LOVE.

asep 22c

I already put the pumpkin muffins (from THIS post) in there, and next I’ll discuss what we’re all talking about as possibilities for costumes. FABULOUS. Loving this. See the whole thing + get instructions & supplies here: http://fiskarscrafts.com/projects/t_fall09notebook.aspx

Now, I’ve got two sets of give aways today. That’s right. TWO of you who leave a comment here will walk away winners. Why, because Fiskars + I love you. Of what, you ask?


oh, ANY one of the new Border/Corner Combo punches. I’m showing the one I used, but you can pick.


prettiest scissors any paper cutting junkie needs. I love mine.


best tape runner. Oh, and a crazy cute corner punch.


That’s right friends, if you win you get all 4 fabulous Fiskars tools. I’ll draw a winner on 9/28… good luck!

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  1. I have been toying with the idea of putting my sewing machine in my scrap room, but you have convinced me. Thanks for the great project idea!

  2. I love the idea of creating a journal for the season. I still have never sewn on a project however. Just can’t bring myself to use the machine on paper. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize pack.

  3. Holy cow! I LOVE that journal. Wow. I now know what I’m working on this week while Kiffer is at preschool. Wahoo!

  4. WOW!!!! that note book is so cool! Love that boarder punch and that corner punch sure is crazy cute. Your right, any paper cutting junkie needs those pretty scissors!!! I know I sure do. Thanks for the chance to win this great RAK!

  5. Fall is my most favorite time of year. Your journal looks so neat. Thanks for the great idea and inspiration!

  6. I’ve been staring at those scissors at the store…I guess I’ll have to break down and get them. Or wait until after these are awarded. LOL! Thanks for thinking of us!

  7. thanks for the great closeup of the project! I have never completed any sewing on my layouts but hope to soon (as soon as my new room gets finished and I can get to my sewing machine – LOL!)

  8. LOVE your fall notebook. Fall’s my favourite because it’s my birthday. I’ve been wanting to try the border/corner punch and that style of scissors.

  9. I need to get over it and sew on something. Love the little journal. I’m doing less and less 12×12 stuff and more and more little projects. Thanks for the chance at these great goodies.

  10. I love the book! Fall is my favorite time of year. Kevin and I were married in the fall and will be married 18 years this year. I’m hoping to start sewing some things for Christmas decorations here soon. Thanks for the chance at the great Fiskars prizes. They are all great!

  11. I saw this on Fiskarscrafts this morning – I printed it – Wonderful and beautiful. I’m also making those muffins tonight – I had forgotten your original post

  12. I LOVE the journal – I bought a BUNCH of them when they went on sale for the school year andi was just waiting for the right inspiration, and BAM there it is! GREAT project May – job well done for sure!!

  13. Wow, thanks so much for the chance at these great things… AND I love that journal — want to get started on one soon. Karin #6470

  14. May your journal turned out great. I love how you did those pumpkins and I am going to give them a try. This would make a great Christmas gift to make. thanks

  15. May, I always enjoy looking at your creations! I need a computer in my work area so I can see this stuff AND be crafting! Too funny though, when I was reading your post with the journal, my eyes combined the first two lines I guess and I read, “Fall is my favorite hobby”.

  16. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Those look like fabulous prizes! I need to go get some stuff to RAK out again…I had fun with the two I did.

  17. Love your project! I am using my machine more now, yay for me. I think I would use it more often if it wasn’t sitting under my craft table. Lol. To have it out & set up all the time would be great. I’ll have to think of some rearranging I guess. Thanks for a chance at some awesome tools.

  18. Love the cover of your journal! What did you use to be able to sew on it? Chip board’s too thick, right? I’d be scared to try that.

  19. You have inspired me to make a Fall Journal. It won’t be exactly like yours – instead it will be my version. Thanks.

  20. Wow May, that would be a wonderful stash to have. You are so wonderfully generous, Thanks for the chance. I love your website, its just wonderful.

  21. I sewed once on a layout but I am not pleased at how my machine is stitching. I’ve downloaded the manual and I’m working on fixing the problem.

  22. Your journal is sooo creative…it’s beautiful!
    It would be a dream come true owning one of these fabulous fiskar products–Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  23. Beautiful journal…I just bought a ton of clearanced out journals at Target…gotta love ’em. I think I will try this. Thanks for the great giveaway too.

  24. I really love that note pad, I would love to make a scrapepage with that idea. Your giveaways are awesome. Thanks for the change to win them. #5012 EVE

  25. I’ve been reading and following your blog since you became lead fiskateer. It hasen’t dissapointed me ever. Love your posts and reading about what your up to. Keep the inspiration coming.
    Oh and I soooo love that purple scissor! Now that’s one color that thrills me!

    Fiskateer #1485

  26. omgosh! what an excellent border punch!! I’ve never thought to sew on a journal, what a great idea!!

  27. That is so cool of you to give such a great give away. Thanks. Loved the sewing you did on the cover. It looks great.

  28. Oh My Gosh!!! You would NOT believe how long I have wanted to try a tape runner! And I have been eying that corner punch since it came out! WOW!!! This is one of the best RAK’s I’ve ever participated in! I love purple… ooooooh… pretty colors… 😉

  29. WOW!! Just love your journal, its so cute..I think I will give it a try..Thanks for the wonderful , generous giveaway.

  30. May I was coming to tell that I saw your project today and loved it . . . it really is so very cool and I love your pumpkin and now a chance to win too you really are a very special fiskateer.

  31. I am so ready to get my sewing machine from my neighbor. It has been at her house for probably 10 years. Actually I don’t know if I would even know what to do with it. I took sewing 101 in highschool and that was about it! But I love the look on your project.

    I also LOVE the corner punches. I really need to try one of those.

  32. Cute journal, I enjoy sewing on my projects, although most is hand sewing
    Super cute scissors love the colour

  33. Hey!! I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration! I started working on a fall album for pictures, pumpkin patch adventures and recipes. What a fantastic idea! THANKS!!!

  34. WOW – May – I will have my fingers CROSSED for this win as the date is a lucky day for me – MY 18th wedding anniversary!!! I am a heart girl and would LOVE this prize!!!!!

  35. I love anything that has something to do with fall. Pumpkins, fall leaves, sunflowers. Your creation is very nice. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for a chance to win.#5012 EVE

  36. WOW!!! I would be thrilled to say the least!!!! Thanks for this amazing op!

    Fiskateer #6361!

  37. I love your journal cover – are those chipboard letters you have stitched through? You must have a strong needle if it is!
    thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  38. Your journal is gorgeous!! I love autumn too, have already been to the local cider mill to get fresh pressed cider. Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize package!!

  39. this time of the year is great its cooler outside. Plus there is so much to scrap about and journal about. I havent Journal d for a very long time.thanks for the chance to win.This great great prize.

  40. Oh, cute journal. What a great idea. We always hear about Christmas journals. Why not one for fall?

  41. oooh! i love the idea of a fall themed moleskin to carry around. as much as i try to take notes in my iphone, i find that i still need a good old pen and paper/notebook to keep track of my thoughts and lists. when i write them in the phone, i forget to look back. the idea of making a new little journal for each season is genius! thanks for sharing. :]

  42. What a fab giveaway! Love, love, love Fiskars punches but I have to be honest, May, I have never met a tape runner that likes me. They always break! I’ll take your word that you’ve found the best tape runner. Maybe I’ll get the chance to try it out!

  43. what a nice giveaway, tyvm for offering me a chance. I have to say..not only are those scissors pretty, but my sis (the quiliter) says they are totally awesome…so I would reallyyyyyyyyy love those…but I do want to know…where did u get that drill? and the tape runner? dont think my stores have that yet…and I dont have the punches so…I would be a great person to give these things too, don’t you think so tooooooooo?? *wink*…good luck to all…we just luv fiskars….and you! tyvm Cher # 5859

  44. May,

    I can smell those pumpkin muffins from Reno! I started some fall baking last night myself. Mmmm yummy!

    What a great group of prizes. Good luck everyone… including me, of course! 😉

    Thank you May.

  45. What fabulous products !! The endless amount of possibilites in ways to use them…. Love the apple box – VERY cool !!

  46. when I cleaned my scraproom this last time I actually moved my sewing machine onto a shelf within reach (instead of buried under the desk). Guess you have inspired me to try using it on a project and I will give it a shot very soon! Your projects rock May (as usual)!!

  47. Thanks for sharing May!

    I have a couple of project going from Fiskarcrafts right now – they have some great ones!

    I wouldn’t have thought about sewing on a notebook cover – paper yes, but I had not considered heaver stock. Did you swap out for a larger/heavier needle? Your notebook turned out fabulous!

  48. thats so cool, i’m really like the idea of journals for different seasons/holidays. thanks for the ideas

  49. You have so many ideas that would never occur to me! I love looking at your projects. Thanks for sharing them, and thanks for the opportunity to win great prizes!

  50. glad to have discovered your blog and creativity through the new Kit class at BPS. I can’t wait to get started.

  51. I have not tried those border punches yet – thanks for the chance. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

  52. Oooo, what a fantastic looking journal. I love all the little detail and colours. Thanks for giving away all these goodies =)

  53. Fiskars make the very bestest tools – have I said that lately? And I love your idea of a fall journal – thanks for showing us yours!

  54. Am soooo excited, just found you! Delightful blog and I shall be a regular visitor from now on.
    What an amazing give away opp…hope I am the lucky one, lol.
    Enjoy your day,

  55. Great journal! I love how you stitch “out of the box”! Thanks for a chance at those scrummy yummy,(E is too cute), Fiskars GOODIES!

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