Dear Making Memories,

I got it in my head that it’d be fun to write letters (but really just blog posts) to companies & people when they do something I love. Just a little positive happy note put out there into the blogosphere. Focusing on something good… here’s the first.

Dear Making Memories,

As I sit here surrounded by your vintage findings collection, I ask myself why it is your name never comes up when I’m thinking about my favorite companies. Your customer service and product replacement when there’s a problem is awesome, and you’ve come out with some of my favorite products EVAH. So what’s my deal?

I can not explain, but I can tell you that your beautiful things don’t go unnoticed here. The tiny glitter letters, your vintage findings collection, brads, not to mention the paper collections you’ve come out with that I have enjoyed over the years. Today though, I’d like to talk about these:


I did not realize when I ordered them that I’d be getting all this:


I am filled with Christmas Joy. Truly. They make me happy, and reminded me to say thank you for making such cool stuff just for me. It is, right? Just for me? It definitely feels like it in this case.



11 thoughts on “Dear Making Memories,”

  1. I love Making Memories too, but you’re right… they never seem to make it on my list of faves. I think it’s because I am truly addicted to all their embellishments, not the papers so much, and when people ask me to name my favourite company, it’s always the company that’s made my most favourite lines of patterned paper in the past few months. Hmmmm… must reevaluate how I rank my faves. 🙂

  2. Totally agree! MM vintage findings collection is fabulous! It was on sale at Michaels and I think I bought almost everything they had LOL

  3. This is so funny – I just bought a bunch of stuff from their Spook Alley collection yesterday at Michaels. I agree with you, their name doesn’t come up when I think of my favorite companies, but I love so many of their collections. Going to have to check out their Christmas collection – those pins are too cute!

  4. MM is a fav of mine too. Those pins are great and so many of them! I signed up for your CS class. I read everything but haven’t had a chance to get started yet. Letting it soak in and simmer a bit but I have at least one idea.

  5. I so agree I love their Vintage Findings are wonderful and I had not seen the Christmas pins till now and I so want them.

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