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I love this mug. It makes coffee while taking some creative time in the morning taste that much better.


I just did what I call a “clean up” layout. What it means is that I only use stuff already out. I do this a lot – it’s my way of getting stuff used & not having to put it away.


In the Adventures in Scrapbooking: Using kits I talk about using leftovers and if I’m not mistaken making a scraps/leftover layout is one of our challenges. Fun stuff – and definitely beats out alternative of actually cleaning up. Oh, and the answer is yes. Yes, it did nearly kill me to put that Prima flower on a layout. Thing was, it was time to use it. I have such a hard time when I have something just too pretty and I don’t want to use it wrong. It’s a struggle in life, but I’m getting better.


The green leaf is the paper packaging the flower was on. I love when I can use packaging instead of putting it out in recycling bin. It saves me a trip.


the completion of this page puts me 1 closer to filling my ‘Disneyland in March 09’ album. I really want that filled before we take off for the happiest place on earth again.


Finally today I’ve got some winners to draw here… randomly, as always the prizes go to:

Cardstock prize winner is drawn… and it’s… Dawn (comment left sept 17 @ 1237am)

the sewing tools prize goes to… scrapycandy

e-mail me (mflaum (at) comcast . net) to claim your prize! Be sure to tell me what you won too. Didn’t get to win? I’ve got 3 more prizes lined up here… so stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “prizes, coffee, create…”

  1. Congrats winners and I love the idea of a use it up or use what is out layout. I think it is super because when stuff gets all put away we forget to use it.

  2. Congrats to the winners! I have a friend who makes cards with her scraps … easy peasy, since the products are out and match. I need to start doing the same – I like the idea of a ‘within reach’ challenge! PS I LOVE that flower on your LO!

  3. Clean up layouts…what a great idea!!! Love that flower, perfect with eeyore! I got my AC cardstock swatchbook today, thanks so much! I’ve never seen it in person, but will be placing an order soon! Love the colors and the texture is perfect!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I just did my second layout since having my son on Christmas Eve. I could only use what was on my desk since that’s all I could reach ha ha.

  5. Love the idea of a “clean-up layout”. I’ve been trying to use things that are out…but it gets boring as all my embellies are usually stashed away! Must be more creative…

  6. i face that problem of having something to pretty or perfect that i am afraid to actually use it ALL THE TIME. the flower really does look fabulous on this layout… home run. :]

    ok. clearly i’ve been to too many of james’ softball games. ha.

  7. Just catching up… I love that LO you made with the scraps!! So cute!! 🙂 I need to do that.. I have a few kits that are just little remnants.

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