POTD = {prize inside}

potd = project of the day @ www.fiskarscrafts.com/projects  in my universe. I plot these out & love working with the design team on these. I also like giving stuff away when I have projects up.  This month? I have 2 projects, and today the first is featured.

The concept is so basic it’s silly (almost) and I kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. NEVER has my bedside table looked cuter, nor has my nightly ‘reading in progress’ material been easier to find. I’m keeping a bottle of water in here now too. This Heidi Grace fabric was purchased to make myself a skirt with. That ambitious project didn’t happen. It’s ok- I’ll just use it for simple cuteness like this.

asep 9b

If you’d like to see more photos and instructions you can check it here: http://fiskarscrafts.com/projects/t_tablewithpockets.aspx


want to win these two beyond fabulous tools to celebrate national sewing month in your own way?


leave a comment here – on September 15 I’ll draw a winner!

PS- the novel with the blonde? It’s the sequel to Goddess of the Hunt and I’ve yet to read all of it. When I finish though, a follow-up post to ‘olde English’ is coming…

37 thoughts on “POTD = {prize inside}”

  1. What a great idea. I have having a cluttered night stand but it seems that is usually what happens on a weekly basis. I will definitely be making up one of these.

  2. This is similar to what I want to do except hang it from under the mattress. Let it hang from the bed, so the kids can stick their books, mp2, remote etc. in it and not have it lost in or under the bed!

  3. HA HAHA …. they actually have an mp3 !.. we are a little bit up with the times! rofl!

    Was there ever an mp2 ?? I dunno 😉

  4. I’m going to look at sewing machines today. I would love these tools to go along with my new adventure! And Lavender/purple-my FAVORITE color!!!

  5. Very interesting! Organization is such a novel concept! LOL! The rotary cutter would be wonderful…I’ve never owned one. Another novel concept.

  6. what an easy and thoughtful project! I’m not much of a sewer bu think I can handle this one plus there is never enuf room on my bedside table for remote,book, glasses etc.
    thanks May!

  7. What a great idea! I made the sewing machine caddy so I think I can handle this too. Wouldn’t those make nice gifts too?! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. This project is so useful and cute! I love your Mission style nightstand, too, and how the pocket organizer is more of a runner than a tablecoth so you still get the beautiful wood of the table AND the cute (not-a-skirt-for-Mama-anymore) fabric of the POTD!
    I hope I win the cutting tools… I have a feeling I’ll be cutting out a Halloween costume soon :)… thanks for the chance!

  9. That is a great project. I made the mistake of walking into a quilt shop the other day. I now have over $100. of beautiful fabric to make a quilt. Have I ever made a quilt? No. I think the rotary tool would be a great timesaver. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. would love some goodies and I just might have to try out the tablecloth for my daughter – she loves to read and this would be so cute in her room!!

  11. What a great idea! I’ve seen a version for over the arm of a couch or chair. Which could hold remotes.

  12. Brilliant! I just finished something similar for under the mattress/side of the bed. This table runner would be great for a side table in the living room…hmm…

  13. With an organizer like this I’d stop knocking stuff off the top of my nightstand when I go to reach for it…should really consider making myself something as useful as this…love the scissors in shades of purple…I have purple scissors but they are all purple, haven’t ever seen the multi-shaded version…have to keep my eyes opened for those!

  14. I was just over at the Fiskars site checking out the great projects, and this was one of the ones I put in my idea book to make one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) as it would tidy up my bedside unit no end.
    Thanks for the great ideas, keep them coming.

  15. Very cute idea. The print of the fabric is so cute! Love the color on those tools!

    Fiskateer #1485

  16. ooooooooh, so cute and so clever! thanks for the instruction may. i’d LOVE to win those tools to make sewing my own a little easier–thanks for the chance! :o)

  17. I love this idea! I am going to shop for some cute fabric and make one so that my pile of bedside books quits falling over when I am looking for one!

  18. hmmm I cut my finger this weekend with one of those rotery blades. Currently sporting a cool band aide.

    Was also needing some new scissors for cutting fabric would be fun to win.

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